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Birth Control

Hello Ladies...

I have a few questions to ask if you! Ok. I am currently taking Lo/ovral 28. I missed Pill 14, and had sex with my husband, than my cycle came 2 days early very light, I am assuming because I didnt take my pill that day! Ok. I have missed 4 days in a row in my sugar pills, while still on my cycle, and have thrown the pack out since, becasue I missed so much! My husband and I had sex last night, and this morning, my cycle was completely gone! I am wanting to know if I couldve gotten pregnant from missing those many pills, during my cycle is that possible! I work so much, and honestly I forget! Have this ever happened to one of you ladies??...and if I am pregnant believe me, I will be so excited, but I just want to make sure, if its a possiblity that i could be, I dont want to be taking my pills, and hurting my baby. please Help! Thanks so much.

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If you had a period, you are def. not pregnant. even if you had sex during that pregnant. but you do need to start your next month's pack of pills on time to be fully protected. sounds like you were in the clear from the missed pills, don't stop taking it!!!
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Thank you for your help!!

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you dont even have to take the sugar pills, they are there just so you keep the routine of taking a pill, they provide no protection, you need to take all the active pills, as they take care of the week of placebos
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I agree with the others, you should be fine,but I did get pregnant on the pill.  I took mine at he same time everyday and never missed any, same thing happened with my mom too, but my Dr. told me that some women the pill is not as effective for.  (not to scare you.)  Anyway, with my son I had no idea I was pregnant, I had just gotten married and had been through so much stress, plus I was working out a lot and had changed my diet to a more healthy one, so I thought nothing of being late.  After 6 days I began to wonder since I was getting sick, but I kept taking my pills for a few days before that when I had no clue.  My little one was just fine, so don't stress too much about the pill harming a pregnancy, it'll be okay, but it's a good idea to stop if you know.
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From one Mrs. Jones to another (couldn't resist) perhaps you should consider a different form of birth control if you are seriously trying to avoid conceiving. There are several options out on the market now from patches to rings to IUDs and so on. I personally never even attempted the BCP because I knew I would miss more than I took. I am a flake when it comes to meds ; )

Anyway, missing placebo shouldn't be an issue, but it is possible missing the one in the middle of the cycle could be. Are you good about taking them at the samew time every day? If you are fanatical about that and only missed the one active pill, you may be just fine.

Keep an eye on things, if you suspect you may be pg, take a pregnancy test.

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Take a pregancy test to find out if your pregnant. You might want to use condoms for the next month to make sure that you will not get pregnant. Also consider other birth control then the pill. There are a couple options out there, such as the patch, or an IUD. That was you do not have to worry about forgetting them.
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