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Birth control Breakthrough Bleeding

I have just started taking the Ortho Tri Cyclin Birth control pills this past month. I was a day 1 starter.  The cycle I started on was unusually 2 days longer than my normal one and like about a week and a half ago I started to feel symptoms of an infection (like itching and thick, whitish or maybe yellowish discharge) and all of a sudden last week along with the infection I started to see blood with the discharge. It has been very light bleeding for now a week. I stopped taking my birth control (Wed started my inert pills anyways). I am still having light bleeding and the discharge appears to be brownish, gooey, and very clumpy as if it could be dead skin or something (but it isnt). I used an over the counter yeast infection treatment and it stopped some itching, but that was it. Can someone help me identify what my problem is please? Thanks
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Sometimes you could get the discharge from taking BC.
Best thing is to call you doctor in case it's something not related to BC.
Good Luck
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