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Birthcontrol Usage

I was just wondering when I should start my next pack of BCPs because last pack I missed the last active pill (it disappeared into my carpet when I dropped it and never found it) and that was on June 2. I started my period on Saturday the 3rd. So now that I totally screwed the schedule up, I don't know when to start my next pack or if I should just skip this month and completely start over next month.  Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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Well today's start is out, because my mom hasn't picked up my prescription yet. Can I start my next pack tomorrow?
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you could do the five day start. so u're first pill would be today then.   I used the thursday start for years and its nice cuz you really won't have your period on weekends......and this way you should be protected against pregnancy immediately. use a backup method for the first seven days if you want to be extra careful.
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yea, I'd say do that, take it as soon as you get them. and use condoms for the first seven days. what kind of pill are you on ?? I am on tricyclen, and there is a website on the pills that is very helpful and reassuring! in your first month of bcp alone you are protected after 7 days so I imagine in your case you will be too as your body is already use to the hormones.
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I'm on ortho tricyclen lo, and I visited the website, but they don't really say anything that has to do with messing up the end of the pills. All they say is if you miss a pill, take it as soon as remember and finish the rest of the pack. So that really doesn't help me much. Hopefully I'll get my pack tomorrow and be more careful to not drop and lose them. :) Thanks!
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try www.orthocare.ca.  use your DIN number off of an old pack if you have it. hopefully that works cuz like I say, it is very reassuring!!
just remember to use a back up for a week. the reason why they say this is because you may ovulate before you take your first pill.
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What's the DIN number? I only have the prescription information that the pharmacy puts on the pill dispenser...is the number in that?
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