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Black Discharge before period

My husband and I have been ttc since August 2016. We had intercourse 3 times during my ovulation window in January. I'm expecting my period in 5 days. However, 2 weird things have happened recently.
1) over the weekend we were on vacation and had intercourse. When we finished we noticed a light pinkish discharge had come out. I didn't think much of it and shrugged it off thinking it was irritation from intercourse.
2) I woke up at 4:30am today to find out I had black discharge so much so that it was going through my underwear. (Again, I'm not supposed to start for 5 more days.) So I put a regular size tampon in thinking I'm just going to be a little early this month. When I removed the tampon it had even more black in it.
I am having very mild cramps that come and go and my breasts are a little tender. I haven't bled or had any discharge since this morning.
Well now I went and read a dozen different articles claiming it could be 1 of 3 things.
1. Just old blood that wasn't secreted during my last cycle.
2. Implantation bleeding.
3. Early miscarriage
I don't want to bother my Dr again with these questions and I'm torn whether I should make an appointment or wait to see if I start in the next 5 days.

Please help with and info or advice!
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Hm.  Well, this was written Feb 2----  what's going on now.  I hope you come back and tell us!!  Implantation bleeding happens very infrequently in my opinion---  and is usually just a spot of red blood.  Black blood indicates old blood.  Seems more like old period left over blood.  Chemical pregnancies (those that end before they got started) also just typically look like a period.  So, I'm not sure. Any updates??
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