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Bladder pressure when I masturbate

Okay so basically for the past 1 month I've been having this intense pressure inside my vagina when I finger myself and it's super uncomfortable. I'd have just peed and then when I finger myself there's still this feeling of wanting to pee even though I know my bladder is empty. It's gone to a point where I dont even feel like masturbating anymore cause of the pressure.
Didnt really know how to bring this up to my gynac so I just posted it here instead. I also have a history with UTIs but I feel like this is not the case here. I'm really hygienic when it comes to vaginal care too so idek why i get these issues. In addition to this, I've also been having general bladder pressure for a month. What is even going on? I'm just worried it would affect my overall health and my sex life. I'm 20 btw. Any idea what this is and what medication I should take to make this go away asap?
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It could be a kidney issue rather than a UTI. I would suggest seeing the doctor. If you're too embarrassed to say it is from fingering, just say it happens when you have sex, even if you have just peed.
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The thing is, here in India, you can't really say you had sex or you've masturbated lmao the gynacs looks at you weirdly which is whack I know. What else should I be doing? I feel kinda stuck tbh
See a doctor anyway and don't mention the masturbating or sex either, just tell your symptoms (of feeling like you need to pee when you have already peed) and how it hurts.
ps -- Even in India, doctors are aware that people have sex and masturbate.
yeah they are but not girls under the age of 21 and not married, they're very judgemental out here about pre marital sex so yeah but ill definitely check with the doctor
Do you have a female ob/gyn? It might be significant about other issues besides this one.
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