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Bleeding 2 weeks before period is due?

So the other night I got home from work and realized when I was going to the bathroom that I had bled a little.  It was a small blotch on my underwear, and was there when I wiped, too.  At first I thought it could be spotting because it was light and watery when I went to bed, but the next day it was dark red, had small clots in it like a period, and there was a fair amount - definitely not spotting.  I have had no cramps or typical PMS symptoms, and my period isn't supposed to be due until the 29th.  Today it seems to be a lot slower, but is still dark to bright red like period blood, and is not so little that I could call it spotting, it just seems slower to come out.  I am 19, not sexually active.  I'm really worried it could be something like an ovarian cyst or something??  Or could it just be an early period because of some stress, etc.?
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Spotting in between your period you might want to see a doctor. Cysts or polyps on ovaries can cause that and surgery is required. They can do a vagina ultrasound to see what’s going on.
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Periods can change and swing around to come at a different time of month. When women are roommates, for example, they often find that their cycles switch around so they cycle together -- there's a theory this happens from exposure to each other's pheremones. If you're sure this is a period, yours might have just decided to come at a different time.

Another possibility to rule out is, are you sure you are bleeding vaginally? Hemorrhoids can fool you.
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I don't think so - kind of TMI but I can feel the blood gushing every once in a while from what feels like my vagina.
Sounds like a period, then. Have you been around any new women (co-workers or roommates) lately?
One of my coworkers who I work with pretty frequently has just gotten her period.  But I'm honestly confused now because the bleeding has stopped and is now just brown spotting.  Is there any way this could have been ovulation bleeding??  It did show up just a few days after I stopped having ovulation-typical symptoms.
No, women don't bleed like a period if they are ovulating. Sounds like your body decided to shed the endometrium you had at the time, and it wasn't as much as usual.
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