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Bleeding after Intercourse with Nuvaring

I have been on the NuvaRing for over 5 years and for the most part I have enjoyed it; the light periods, the ease, the minor cramps and steady and minimal mood swings. However, I have been having issues with bleeding during sex for the past 2 years on and off. I was diagnosed with HPV at least 5 years ago and occasionally have abnormal pap smears but for the most part have no pain or issues with it and have been with the same partner for 3.5 years. For a while, I was taking my NuvaRing in and out before and after sex to avoid bleeding but when the problem didn't go away, the doctor recommended leaving it in because the constant removal of the ring may have been causing even more irritation to my cervix. For the past two months, I have been continually spotting and I actually skipped my period and reinserted a new ring immediately in order to try to "skip" the period to avoid the continual spotting. Before this, I had occassional (maybe half the time) issues with bleeding during sex. In the past two months, we had not been having a lot of sex because the bleeding, and we were in the process of moving across the country. Now that we are relaxed and settled in to our new home, we have tried again, however almost every time we try, I begin bleeding during or after no matter how slow, gentle, or what position we are in. I have begun to wonder if having the ring in upon my already sensitive cervix may be the issue. Although he can feel the ring in there more often than not, it never has seemed to bother him. May be it is time to switch to a new birth control? I am curious to see if others are having this issue as I have not found as much information as I had hoped to find. I really need to find a solution because it is ruining my sex life. Also, my sex drive has slowly decreased over the years and I know that is often an issue with birth control of all types. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!
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I would like to comment that there is typically NO pain during or after, just bleeding
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Hi. I totally understand what you are going through. I know I'm late replying to this question. I recently have been spotting after sex. I was diagnosed with hpv about 5 years ago. And my paps are also abnormal.  I am on nuva ring. My problem may be that  I accidentally left my nuva ring in during the week I was suppose to take it out. When my period came I took it out and inserted a new ring. When my period came it seem to last longer than 5 or 7 days. More like 10 days and my period acted like it didn't want to flow out. If was spotting. During my second day of having my nuvaring in, I had took it out to have sex then accidentally left it out for a whole day, then I put the old one back in. Now Everytime I have sex my cervix gets irritated and and start to bleed fresh blood. I really don't know why. All I can think of is the nuva ring. I have been going for check ups and paps and they say everything looks fine, I even got a vaginal ultrasound and they couldn't find anything wrong. So it got to be the nuvaring. I hope this helps. How are you now?
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I have been experiencing the same thing. I have not been diagnosed with hpv though. Anytime I have sex and remove my Nuva ring right before, I end up having fresh, bright red, blood during sex. It’s so frustrating. However, the past time we had sex I decided to not use the nuva ring for the past two weeks and everything was perfectly fine. No blood. It also isn’t painful when there is blood. I don’t know if the nuva ring is irritating my cervix or what. I have also never had a Pap smear but after this whole nuva ring hassle I made an appointment to have one because I am worried.
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