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Bleeding after UFE and Menopause

I am a 50 yr. old female who went through menopause at 48 (1yr. With no period was in Jan. 2013)1 & 1/2 years later I spotted and was diagnosed w/ an endometrial lining (EL) of 4.5mm and 1 large exophytic Fibroid and 2 smaller ones.  I had a biopsy which ruled out cancer, and was recommended to have UTERINE FIBROID EMBOLIZATION (UFE) as I had other symptoms my Gyn. Thought the UFE would relieve.  I had the procedure in March 2015, and had a heavy yellow discharge, which I was placed on antibiotics for, but I never bled.  (I even asked if I'd bleed, since I was post-menopausal (PM) female, and was told most likely not.).   However, within a week after the UFE, I did begin experiencing intense Hot Flashes, Sleepless Nights (even though I was exhausted& tired!!). In addition, I'd have extreme forgetfulness, feelings of wanting to explode and a rage I couldn't control; none of which I'd experienced so intensely before in peri-menopause.  Then, a little over 2 months later (at the end of May 2015), I began bleeding Again- & it lasted 8 days, I bled again in September 2015, and again in December 2016.
I had an ultrasound and my EL measured 3.5mm and my fibroid was a bit smaller and there was no mention of the other 2 Fibroids.  My Dr.  Did not seem concerned.  However, I feel like I need an explanation as to why I'm bleeding, which she can't give me. She also placed me on Estrace cream due to dryness.   My questions are:  

Should my doctor be concerned?
Can the biopsy miss any potential cancerous cells?
Will the bleeding come back?  
Also is this typical for me to be experiencing after UFE?
If so, how long can I expect the sleepless nights, and other extreme symptoms/effects to last?  
Is it normal procedure to place women on Estrace cream?  
If so, what's the possible cause?  
Should I be concerned?
(I feel my Dr must think I'm a hypochondriac- but I also know of many cases where Dr misdiagnosed or missed signs, and later the patient had to undergo a hysterectomy, or worse, a later stage of cancer.
If I should be concerned, how do I approach my Ob/Gyn  
And what should I say so she doesn't think of me as a Hypochondriac?
Thanks in advance for any advice and answers to my questions.
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