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Bleeding after clitoral masturbation

25 y.o. Had baby at 25 weeks (20 y.o.). Sexually assaulted (2016).

I only enjoy clitoral masturbation. This being said, today I was doing so and noticed bleeding after using the restroom. Not period bleeding. I also noticed when I had a partner and was sexually active, I bleed the same way then as well (even when it is not rough). I’ve been tested for STIs. Negative. I’m just tired of feeling insecure about this issue when I do have a partner. And seeing as it happens when I masturbate as well I’m wondering if there is an underlying concern I need to worry about.
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Do you go for regular pap exams? Definitely all women should. And if you haven't had one in a while, schedule it and mention this situation. Is it bright red, pink, brown blood? Just asking because that can help understand if it is old or new bleeding. Typically if it is just a bit of spotting, it is nothing to be concerned about and would likely be due to the muscle contractions of orgasm. The cervix can be very sensitive and is vascular. It also could be slight bleeding due to ovulation and not period depending on where you are in your cycle.
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Also, so sorry to hear that you were sexually assaulted. That's terrible and no woman should go through that ever.
It varies. Sometimes it’s bright red and sometimes it’s brown. I haven’t gotten one done in a while so I’ll definitely schedule one.

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