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Bleeding after sex.

Everytime my boyfriend and I have sex I bleed, after the second time. I know this sounds gross. I am not bleeding before we do it but after ward I am and it lasts about 2 days till we do it again.  What could this be?
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Have you had a pap smear?
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Just as an fyi, sex is not the only way to break one's hymen ("cherry").   It can be broken while participating in sports like bicycling, insterting tampons, etc...  A broken hymen is not what always determines virginity.  

I would probably see a gyn if you have not.  There are a host of things that could cause bleeding.

If the bleeding did occur after your first time, this might be some useful info on the hymen that I found on a teenhealth website.

"The hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the vaginal opening. It only partially blocks the opening, and the first time some women have intercourse, there is some pain and bleeding that occurs because this membrane is being broken.. The hymen will not grow back once it has been torn, and thus your girlfriend will not have these problems again due to her hymen tearing.

However, occasionally, there is some mild discomfort and bleeding for women after intercourse. The vagina needs to be sufficiently lubricated (wet) to help the penis slide in and out, and any vigorous and/or prolonged thrusting might lead to some pain for certain women. As women have more frequent sex, the muscles of their vagina begin to relax a bit, and it?s easier for the penis to fit inside comfortably, which can also lessen any discomfort associated with intercourse. In addition, the skin inside the vagina is thin and sensitive, and can suffer some little abrasions or cuts during sex, which might bleed a little bit afterwards. With appropriate foreplay and the use of water-based lubricants if necessary, sex should be a pleasurable experience for both parties involved. "

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It could be a few things. Symptoms of Cervical Carinoma which is a malignant tumor of the cervix. Symptoms include bleeding between menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, after menopause, and an abnormal pap smear.
Cervical cancer growth is usually without symptoms. There may be
a watery vaginal release or some spotting of blood.
Cervicitis is a sudden or long term inflammtion of the narrow lower end of the uterus (cervix). Acute cervicitis is an infection with redness, swelling, and bleeding of the cervix.
Symptoms may include a foul-smelling discarge from the vagina, pelvic pressure or pain, slight bleeding with intercourse.
There are other factors. Women that have IUDs on occasion, have bleeding in between mentrual periods.
What ever the reason, it needs to be checked out. My motto is it could be something or it could be nothing and it needs to be checked by a DR.
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This happened to me for the first time and I'm really nervous! I haven't been having sex for very long but it hasn't hurt since the very first time and I never bled. But after this last time, I had a little bleeding and pain in my vagina. I'm not sure where the blood was coming from but I know it wasn't on the outside.

I've never had unprotected sex so I don't think it's an STD...is it most likely due to a tear and will it go away soon? I'm going to see a Doctor next week but I'm really scared because this sort of thing hasn't ever happeend before!

Any advice???
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Me and my parner have been going out for a whil now and when we finally did it he and i both noticed taht i was bleeding. While we were having sex, i also felt pain. but me and my last boyfriend have never experienced this before. i just want to know what is it and can it stop, because its uncomfortable for both me and my boyfriend.
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