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Bleeding and Infection from Sex

I have become sexually active with a woman in these recent months, and this has been a recurring problem for me. This is my first sexual partner.
Almost every time we have sex (fingering) I have a brown discharge or sometimes some fresh blood. Then for the next few days, I continue to have a brownish yellow discharge that often doesn't taste or smell normal. These symptoms seem to go away completely on their own in up to 3 days or so. This is accompanied by itching as well, of pretty much everything sometimes except my labia majora and the itching is ongoing.
In addition, there is also numbness or discomfort around my clit, but I think that may be more related to roughness...

What could this be? What should I do to treat it? Or what should I request from a doctor

Another thing I could mention is that previous to meeting this person, I had spotting between periods twice, but that has since stopped.
And one other thing is sometimes I go home afterwards and take long bubble baths, then I have a grey discharge that smells weird. It also goes away on its own.

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Thanks :)
And lol it's my girlfriend that has tasted it before. I'll go see my doctor asap then!
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Hi there.  Well, your best bet is to see a doctor.  You could have a yeast infection and even a bacterial infection on top of a yeast infection (people can have both).  I think you need evaluation by your doctor.  Don't taste your discharge though.  :>)  Not necessary and kind of yucky.  See your doctor to determine the cause of itching and discharge --  the spotting is not something I'd be as concerned about but ask while there just to be safe.  good luck
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