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Bleeding between and irregular periods?

The last 6-8 months, my periods have been extremely irregular. I have had my period for 13 years (I am 24 years old) and have had regular periods since they first started. In addition to my period coming sometimes weeks late or weeks early, the flow is inconsistent. This past summer in June, I had a period that was 10+ plus days and extremely light the entire time. The next month, my period was so heavy and only 3 days long. This is not a pattern, but my flow is different every month. The cramps when it is heavy are unbearable. However, when my period was light, I had almost zero cramping. In addition, I have been spotting between periods. It is almost like the start or end of a period. It lasts a few days and goes away.

Just a few disclaimers: I am not on any birth control, have not had any unprotected sex (only sex with one partner whom I have been with for years- we have both been tested), and I do not have an exuberant amount of stress in my life to cause a sudden change in my cycle. I am going to make an appointment to a gynecologist, but just was trying to get some insight first.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Being irregular and same age as yourself. It is quite common. Us irregular gals go through changes in our cycles. I do not have a pattern. My vary,a few months I'm 3 days others I'm 10. If you are concern the best thing to do is see a  doctor
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