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Bleeding between periods, worried!

Hello, I am experiencing bleeding between periods with cramps similar to menstruation cramps. I am in the middle of my cycle and according to my cycles I am ovulating these couple of days. The bleeding started one day before the day of assumed ovulation and two days after that day I am still bleeding and have cramps. So, could this be associated with the ovulation? I have problems of every kind when it comes to female organs - polycystic ovary, endometriosis... But I am worried the most because I had Carcinoma in situ on the cervix and it was fully removed in May last year,  I did Pap smear after couple of months and everything was ok, the smear was clean. Could  cis be back?! Or it`s just mittelschmerzen or something else? I don't want to go to gyno yet, because I need some time off doctors and hospitals and I decided to help myself naturally for a couple of months because of my female health and because I am TCC. So that is why I am asking these questions here, please answer if someone knows or experienced something similar. Thank you in advance!
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Hi there.  Sorry for your difficulty.  Well, I'd say it is not so much associated with ovulation as it is with endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. You possibly could have fibroids which also creates this situation.  Really, bleeding and cramping during ovulation is very rare.  Otherwise, women would know better when they are ovulating and most of us are in the dark.  

Have you seen a doctor recently?  I think I would to discus this.  good luck
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Thank you for your answer to my post! I went to gyno and my gyno thinks that I have hydrosalpinx, so am going to do HSG next week to be sure.
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