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Bleeding between periods

I'm 28, sexually active. No birth control pills. During the middle of Janurary to Feburary of this year I bled each day, enough to fill a pantiliner about a half a day. I was scheduled to go to an OBGYN but was cancelled and pushed back another month due to weather. I stopped bleeding from the middle of Feburary and had a heavier than normal period but then stopped. Tonight I started spotting again. I have had 2 negative pregnancy tests. I do have fibromyalgia for 2 years but take no meds due to an enzyme problem. CYP26 inhibitor.
My symptoms were at first:
Brown hard clotting--resolved.
Abdomen hurts but I do strenuous exercise 1 time a week and do have fibro.
I have been urinating a lot more in the past 3 months, it is clear.
I have a history of chronic dehydration.
I am overweight. 5'3 180. (Gained 30 pounds in 3 months last year, docs attributed it to Cymbalta-got off of it, no reduction in weight).
I have my thyroid tested every year and it's within normal range even though I exhibit many symptoms of Hypothyroidism and my mother has been diagnosed with it in the past 5 years.
I am not worried about fertility.
I cannot tell exactly where the pain is from or even where the blood is from.
HELP. Thanks for reading a paranoid woman's concerns. Going to try to get a pap soon from general practitioner.
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heading to an obgyn (first time) the 27th. :) Will let you know. I think it's the Kenalog but it could be a bunch of other things. Just tired of the guessing. Sorry about the hubby, I understand went through that myself. Do you have an appointment with a doctor?
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Yes I have the same problem with bleeding. Mine started in January, the whole month, but only with spotting. But this month, starting 3/15, I started spotting. And today I am bleeding but not heavily with some small clots. I am not on any medication just multivitamins. I do work graveyard shifts as a nurse and thought it could be stress or not eating right. Someone please help in answering our questions. I can't explain not having intercourse with my husband because I am having this problem.
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Had to add a comment! Back in December (late December) I got sick and got a Kenalog shot. My nurse practicioner did tell me this could cause it. I got another Kenalog shot last Monday and started spotting today!!! I was good for a month! I have had Kenalog shots quite often when I get upper respiratory infections due to my low immune system. Could this be the problem??
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