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Bleeding during arousal?

Hello girls, I would really appreciate it if you share your opinion/experience about my problem.
A week ago I had my periods, two days ago they seemed to be finishing. Yesterday I was going to have intimacy with my husband and I understood that while getting wet before sex my discharge wasn't clear as always but bloodish brown (saw on my underwear). After sex I had some more brown discharge with little clots of old blood (and also sperm, I guess). And also today I have watery brownish discharge.
The things that worry me are these:
1. is that possible that periods kind of stop and then go on again? I was having some kind of flu (sore throat and blocked nose) at that time, maybe that contributed to it
2. what does the bloody discharge during arousal mean? have you ever had it? do you think it's just because my periods aren't really over yet or even during light periods the arousal fluid is supposed to be clear and shiny? I always thought that arousal fluid comes from outside glands, not from inside of vagina. So there must be no blood as I guess. Today morning I tried to get aroused and my discharge was still brown. Do you think it's a problem or am I imagining things?
Thank you so much for your help! I feel very worried and upset about all of this
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Hi!  From what I've read, brownish blood is old blood probably from the period you just had and if your vagina/uterus contracts such as during orgasm, it will push and expel that old blood.  I think it usually isn't anything to worry about.  If you have brown blood/old blood for a while, I'd see your doctor.  Sometimes making a bit too much progesterone can cause that.  
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thank you for your answer! I guess that was it, just a bit weird that my periods kind of stopped for a day
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