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Bleeding during penetration age 20

I started having pain during intercourse, went to Gyno, everything came back negative with tests for stds and an abdominal/pelvic ultrasound. Now I’m bleeding during any penetration, it doesn’t hurt or cause discomfort, until after. Then my stomach starts to cramp.
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The stomach cramping might be anxiety, it's hard to believe a stomach is otherwise affected by bleeding from the vagina.

Please see your gyn again and at least get some hormone tests and a decent pelvic exam. If he or she can't think of an answer, ask for a referral to someone else, possibly a dermatologist or an endocrinologist.
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It almost feels like my period beginning. It seems like there is something in there he hits and bleeding starts, then after I’m cramping like my period, but the bleeding never lasts and the cramps go away after a few minutes. I’m on Prozac for my anxiety and birth control and didn’t have the issue until the last few times
See your ob/gyn and specifically ask if your cervix hangs particularly low in the end of your vagina. Maybe your partner is hitting it and it is bleeding, and the impact also makes the uterus contract. Or, if your ob/gyn already wrote you off as not having a problem, see a different ob/gyn. Have you taken a pregnancy test, just in case?
No I haven’t taken a test; obgyn said nothing was wrong and it happens when he fingers me, not just with intercourse
As I said, if your ob/gyn has written you off as not having a problem, see a different ob/gyn. You obviously have some kind of problem, what you need is a diagnosis. Also, take a pregnancy test. The cervix can hang lower in your body when you are pregnant.
One other possibility might be genital warts, but one would think your boyfriend would feel those.
If that’s what is was, wouldn’t my ob have noticed it?
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Would your ob have noticed pregnancy if it was early? Only if you took a test. Would he or she have noticed genital warts or lichen schlerosus? Depends on how carefully he or she was examining you. Theoretically during a pelvic, the doc will feel your vagina with his or her finger (with the thin exam glove on) and theoretically any roughness of the skin or stiffness would be noticeable even through an exam glove. But it kind of sounds like your doctor didn't do a very thorough job trying to figure out what is wrong. Fact is, you have unexplained bleeding, and a good doctor will go as far as it takes in examining you and swabbing, etc. until he or she can come up with a diagnosis.
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