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Bleeding for 2 1/2 years straight

Hi. I have been having a heavy period with golf all size blood clots all day every day for 2 1/2 years. I have been to a gyno they had me get an ultrasound inside and out. They found a few fibroids and thick lining. So They took a biopsy and it came out normal. I asked them if they can do a dnc or take my uterus out. This same thing happened to me in 2006 and I had to have an emergency dnc than was put on the shot and I bleed for 1/2 of that. After the shot I got on the nuva ring. It worked wonderful. Had a period 4 days out of the month normal. Lost over 100lbs within 4 months, I weighed 240 than dropped to 135lbs. I am 5'2. Than I got pregnant in jan 2007. After I had my son I started to gain weight again and my period started getting heavier. Now for the past 2 1/2 years it's been going on. I have been to the dr and they don't listen to me I have been to 3 different gynos. In November 2014 they inserted the mirina IUD. Bleeding never stopped still the same and we are in July 2015. I now weigh 330lbs I don't gain or lose. I can't go anywhere without bleeding. I have to wear depends because pads and tampons don't work. I am 35 years old. I am tired of bleeding I can enjoy going places with my son or my family. The Drs won't do the dnc or take my uterus they say I am high risk because I also have sleep apnea which is caused by my weight. I honestly don't know what to do. I am on medi-cal. This is painful and depressing. I'm scared.
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Please find another doctor who will try to help you right away. Have you been getting your iron levels checked regularly after all that bleeding? Cause I had a huge fibroid that started bleeding and I literally almost died from blood loss. I ended up with 6 blood transfusions and they had to do emergency surgery to remove it. I'm ok now but I literally almost died, and that was after only 2 weeks of that kind of bleeding. The ER doc told me that if I'd have waited much longer I would've bled to death.

Please go to a new doctor ASAP and get your hemoglobin checked. It's no joke when you lose so much blood from fibroids. You have to get this resolved ASAP because you're probably already extremely weak from losing so much blood for such a long time.
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Hi there.  Oh hon, I'm so sorry to hear this. Yes, this must absolutely be terribly intrusive upon your life.  I would find a new doctor at this point as I would want more treatment than what has been done to date.  I do feel like fibroids could be involved or a hormonal imbalance.  Both of these are treatable.  I would try to find a doctor for a second opinion.  This isn't healthy to this type of abnormal bleeding hon.  Let me know if you think you can get to a second doctor for guidance and treatment.  good luck
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