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Bleeding only brown during period

Hey again, I'm back with yet another question. Sorry if I annoy anyone for posting again, but I'm just wondering about something. My AF started on the 30th, but I only had a little bit of brown discharge the entire day that barely showed up when I wiped. However yesterday and today I've continued to bleed but it has only been brown blood the entire time, with some red blood thrown but not much. I've barely went through one tampon per day, sorry TMI. All of my periods have always been medium-heavy flow during the few day or so, and always needed at least 4 tampons a day...again TMI. Anyone know what could be causing this irregular bleeding? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks again!
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The brown blood is probably just old blood that didn't get out during your last period. Nothing to worry about besides a lot of women have brown or sometimes even black colored periods. If the lightness of the period worries you go get checked out just to be sure. But I wouldn't worry about the coloring. Good luck !
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Is there a possibility you might be pregnant?  If so, being
pregnant would effect your period length and how heavy it is.
You might consider taking a HPT if there is a possibility.
Good luck!
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I had the same type of periods but mine were VERY PAINFUL. It was brown and light for several months, then there was a smell, and pain and then heavy bleeding- I had endometriosis.  The dr. said the brown "old" blood is sometimes a "sluffing" of endometrian tissue.  If this continues- especially if start having pain- see the dr. sooner rather than later- there is a lot that can be done to help!!!
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I too have noticed that my periods are very light and only consist of brown blood.  my period use to last about 5 days and they were heavy and i never had brown periods.  Is this a sign of pregnancy?  i took multiple pregnancy tests about three months ago after having unprotected sex with my fiancee.  the tests were all negative and then i got my period so i assumed i wasn't pregnany.  please help!
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I have been on birth control pills since the age of 15 and am now currently 33.  I switched to Lessina 28 tablet last year and have noticed that now my period only last 3 days and is a light brownish color and it's very very light.  Is this normal??
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A few times, during college and otherwise...I have had light, and spotty, brown-blood periods.  Two of those few times, I actually had a tampon "stuck" inside.  It could've been forgotten or a misapplication, but it was stuck none-the-less.  If things start getting an odor, definitely go to a doctor and have them check for a tampon.  I know it's gross, but.... they'll tell you, too,  it happens all the time!
Good Luck!
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