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Bleeding whilst on the pill

Hi Ladies,

This has been on going for about 6 months now and is absolutely doing my head in! So I noticed I started bleeding after sex, went to the doctor every time it happened and she would do a smear but it always came back normal. I ended up having 3 smears until she booked me in for a colposcopy at the hospital. I have also had this very white discharge for about a year, turns out its the pill thats doing that (Said the gynecologist). So I went of the pill after 6 years (I'm 21) for 3 months but I never got my period! done a test.. not pregnant. Then my skin got really bad so I went back on the pill.
Now that I'm back on the pill I've started bleeding every two weeks after my period, about 1 tablespoon - enough for a tampon.

Anyways - the colposcopy, they found abnormal cancerous cells on the outside of my cervix! they only check the inside when doing a smear! So I've got to go back in 9 months for another colposcopy.

I get really bad lower back pain and lower stomach, maybe once a week.

I'm wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this. Really starts to get me down not knowing whats wrong.

Thanks for reading
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