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Bloating for months now, horrible pms pains and more

Hi, so I'm 19 and I've got quite a few things going on that I can't understand and that no doctor is taking really seriously but I'm really desperate.

To start, I'm in recovery from an eating disorder and am nearly and my healthy weight and am eating varied etc.
I've suffered from constipation due to my eating disorder and lack of hydration but it isn't the case anymore, I've managed to stop the constipation with help from magnesium and such.

But since a few months now, my lower abdomen has been bloated or more like distended and it feels like I've got a balloon of water down there. And nothing makes it go down, no matter what, even in the morning after having been to the bathroom and everything.
I have horribly painful menses so my gynaecologist has put me on the Patch to help with the pain. I've had it for two weeks and it seems to make my bloating even worse and nausea etc. and even outside of my period, I get horribly kind of sharp pains, where my ovaries are, mostly on the right side
when she performed an echography, she saw some fluid (free fluid?) near the ovaries and thought it a little weird so she ordered a blood test which I yet have to have the results.

It's just the bloating that is there 24/7 for weeks and weeks now, a feeling of fullness and heaviness down there, and always feeling like I have to pee when I don't really that is making me feel terrible. I'm sick of being so so bloated. I've done urine cultures and they've all come back normal yet I still always feel like my bladder is about to explode. and the two antibiotics I've had for the possible UTI haven't done anything
Also now, everytime I am about to have a bowel movement, I get painful cramps and nothing is almost ever solid, it's all liquid. I also have a lot of air and gas

I'm currently Inpatient for my mental Health and i'm not sure they will investigate further if nothing with the next full bladder echograhy and blood test but I'm really desperate for something :/ things I've read all seem to lead to ovarian cysts or ovarian cancer but can a 19 year old have ovarian cancer? my mother laughed out loud when I told her that so I feel like a complete idiot ..

is it possible there is something wrong with my ovaries even if no apparent cyst is found?

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