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Blood during intercourse, previous incompetant cervix

Last year, I had an unexpected pregnancy that ended up with me getting a cerclage at 17 weeks due to an incompetant cervix, and prematurely delivering a week later.  Since then, everytime my partner and I engage in sexual activity, there is some blood present.  I do not experience pain, unless penetration is exceptionally deep, which it generally is not, but there is no pain afterwards, nor is there a large amount of blood, it is very mild.  Many times I thought it to be the beginning of my period, but once I get up to clean up, there is very little and then no more.  I'm really starting to worry what it might be and if I or my partner are in any way harming me.  Could this be due to my incompetant cervix?  Does a cerclage cause any kind of scarring or permanent damage?  Any help would be welcome!
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Hi, I had a cerclage at 20 weeks also due to incompetent cervix. This was about 4 and a half years ago.
After baby was born, I have had no trouble. Please consult your doctor ASAP
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Hello~I think this is something you should ask your gyn, I don't think bleeding of any kind is "normal" your partner might be too rough, or you might be dry, it is just hard to say, so please, have this issue looked in to.
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