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Boil? On labia majora?

So about a week ago I had what I thought was a typical ingrown hair, which I get often following shaving. It was located on my lower labia majora-right by where my thighs meet my butt cheeks. After a week, this bump has become very painful and doubled in size (about a pea size) it hurts to touch and when I walk (due to my thighs rubbing it based off location) otherwise no pain. DRs are so expensive, so I’ve done some research and found forums about vaginal boils and using warm compresses and witch hazel. I’ve done that a few times for the last day but feel like it’s looking more red. There is no visible head. It just looks red at the top and wrinkly on the sides. Is this normal
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I suggest taking a sitzbath a couple of times a day, either with Epsom salts or maybe a little white vinegar in the water. The warmth of the water might work better than just a compress. I would check in with a doctor if it doesn't subside in a week.
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My doctor had me used estro diol and insert some in the vagina 2 times a week and put some on the clit before bed as well. This does ease the
Itching and the smell, but I still have a discharge.
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Is this still from the boil in March, or is it new?
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