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I have never had a boil on my vagina it got so hard and so big it hurt to sit walk etc. I finally went to the Dr. Keep in mind it was so big it over lapped the other lip on my vagina I've been with my husband for 16 years and cheating is not an option. After seeing the Dr she numb the area made a 5 inch incision and we got barely and puss but so much blood even tho before I seen her I did Pierce it with a piercing needle and it squirted puss also puss and blood flowed out well unwilling to pack it I'm left with a 5inch cut draining and the smell is atrocious is that normal this boil was on the left libia and covered my complete vagina area clitoris urine hole and vagina even after her cutting puss and blood remain flowing I go back tomorrow for another lancing but the smell is it normal
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It sounds like you have an infection.  Has the doctor given you a prescription for antibiotics?
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It will smell because it is bad and infected.

If the doctor has not given you an antibiotic, do remind the doctor whether you should be given a prescription to stop the infection spreading further, even though it has been lanced.  There will be a root plug and this needs to be removed completely.  If the root plug is not completely removed, it will fester and flare up again.

It is awkward for you with it being in the area where it is.  Had this boil been where you got easy access to it, you could have applied a magnesium paste drawing ointment.  This can only be applied to unbroken skin.

When you see the doctor tomorrow and get some more rubbish out, ask the doctor about washing the area in warm water with a an anti microbial solution added to the water.  She may prescribe that for you.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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