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Born Without a Clitoris?

I'm kind of embarrassed to ask this question, but I'm getting quite desperate and confused.

It seems that by some terrible error I was born without a clitoris. Although I am still technically a virgin, I have been with a couple different guys before and none of us were ever able to find it. (believe me, we looked XP) In addition, I really get no pleasure  from down there. Really, you must belive me!

I'm not inhibited, and I wasn't raised by strict Catholic parents, it just doesn't make very much sense. A couple of people have mentioned that it might have to do with my hormone levels. I never really went though a very dramatic  puberty, and a lot of people say I look and sound a lot younger than I am (which is 21) In addition I have absolutely no libido and any contact down there is very uncomfortable (thus I'm still a virgin)

Do you think I am just young and inexperienced, or could there be something physiologically wrong with me?
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You could get a good checkup, maybe you are a genetic anomaly of sorts.  At least you could rule such a thing out.
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you probably have a clitoris.it could be that you have phimosis or a buried clitoris or clitoral adhesions.if your foreskin/prepuce/clitoral hood is too long or adhered to your clitoris you can be circumcised the way a male is and your clitoris will be exposed.go to a gynocologist and don't worry this is pretty common with about 25% of sexually mature women having phimosis.

October 31, 2000
Anatomy and Sexual Dysfunction
By Carol Ezzell

Why do so many women have difficulty reaching orgasm? A new study suggests that, for some, an anatomical disorder may be to blame. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine report that roughly one quarter of the women they have treated for sexual dysfunction have clitoral phimosis, which means the hood of skin surrounding their clitoris is too tight or there is no opening in the skin for the glans of the clitoris to protrude for stimulation. The scientists, who were led by Irwin Goldstein, presented their findings at the Female Sexual Function Forum, a four-day meeting in Boston of physicians and therapists that ended Sunday.

Female Circumcision:
Indications and a New Technique

W.G. Rathmann, M.D.
GP, vol. XX, no. 3,  pp 115-120 , September, 1959

Redundancy or phimosis of the female prepuce can prevent proper enjoyment of sexual relations; yet some modern physicians overlook indications for circumcision. Indications for, and relative contraindications against, use of this procedure are presented, and a new technique is described. Properly carried out, circumcision should bring improvement to 85 to 90 per cent of cases - with resulting cure of psychosomatic illness and prevention of divorces.

Clitoral Unhooding, also referred to as Hoodectomy, is a minor feminine genital surgical procedure to remove excess Prepuce tissue—the surrounding “hood” that sheaths the clitoral node on three sides. Normally, the Prepuce is anatomically designed to offer the clitoris a degree of protection against undue abrasion—or over stimulation—and naturally retracts during sexual intercourse, thereby leaving the highly innervated surface of the clitoral node—what is commonly referred to as the exterior G-spot—or Glans, to be more exposed . . . resulting in female sexual orgasms. Sometimes however, women with small clitoral nodes or those that have excess Prepuce tissue—both common conditions—find that they can’t achieve orgasm, or have a harder time reaching climax, because the clitoris is literally covered, or restricted by too much skin tissue, thus greatly lessening tactile sensation, and/or even eliminating it entirely.

In another closely related condition—and as was reported by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine—roughly 25% of all women treated for sexual dysfunction suffered from what was medically termed Clitoral Phimosis, a condition whereby the Prepuce tissue is so closely aligned with the clitoral node, there is not enough tissue flexibility to allow the clitoris to naturally move beyond the surrounding skin and protrude, permitting needed stimulation to achieve climax. This condition, also addressed through Hoodectomy, involves the surgical retraction and/or excising of tissue surrounding the Clitoris.

Sometimes referred to as female clitoral circumcision, the Clitoral Unhooding procedure is somewhat analogous to penile circumcision in men, although male penile circumcision is still primarily performed from a perspective of genital hygiene. In women, however, Hoodectomy is done more commonly to allow women to experience heightened arousal, by reducing the tissue that forms the hood (Prepuce) covering the clitoris . . . almost always resulting in greater, faster orgasms. To some extent it has been suspected that excessive Prepuce tissue can also result in some hygiene-related issues as well for women, giving sanctuary to increased bacterial counts, and sometimes resulting in what are commonly termed “yeast” or vaginal infections from the close proximity to the vaginal canal.

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I didn't find mine until about 6 months ago (I'm 20 but I've been sexually active for 5 years)... It's just not as prominent as others. I didn't realize I had one until I gave birth to my daughter and they had to stitch my clitoris for scratches. I jumped and screamed.

It hurt but at the same time, it was exciting to know I actually had one.

After that, I started experimenting with toys to find it myself and discover what it could do.

I found my clit by myself with a mini mite. If you try buying yourself a clit stimulator toy and play with it, you may find yourself a little surprised as to what they can do :)
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Reading this makes me feel a lot better. i know that sounds terrible, but here's why; i have the same problem. there's nothing there, i swear. I've had many panic attacks because of this, thinking there's something terribly wrong with me. it's good to know I'm not alone.
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I have the same problem. I can't find one at all, and I also suffer from panic attacks, thinking I'm not normal and that there's something wrong. Well, at least I'm not alone. It makes me feel like I'm missing out on something everybody else was born with.
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srry to interupt to you have to have one thats where all your parts start from!! if you are born to be a boy you grow a penis from there and if you born to be a girl the vagina stays at that way and you get what you need!! But if there is a disfunction i had no clue!! But it is there somewhere!!
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hi, well i was cleaning my baby girl just the other day and i realized that she doesnt have a clit nor the inner labias..i dont understand why she had them when she was born...im a bit scared she is barely 5 months . should i take her to the doctor for a check up or what should i do..???
When baby girls are born they often have an estrogen level from the mother which is heightened because of the birth that's why a lot of male and female babies genitalia are swollen and sometimes even their nipples are swollen at Birth after a few weeks this goes down when baby girls are small their clitoris is hiding in their clitoral hood for a reason to keep it safe when your daughter hits about 6 or 7 years old her clitoris and her labia will start to grow but again if you have really serious concern then yes ask a pediatrician as for the above comment that is correct every egg the embryo starts out with an X which is the clitoris when another X is added to clitoris forms and when a Y is added the clitoris grows into a penis
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I googled and saw this forum, and decided to join with my questions as well.

I was over 40 when I found out that I didn't have a clit, a hood, or an inner labia. I was astounded that NO ONE ever told me that I was missing these parts. I have never seen a vagina but in risque books, but assumed they were the minority not me. I went to my gyno and the midwife told me that she could find no clitoris. and she saw no scarring. I asked her if by chance I could have been circumcized, and as I said, she said she never saw scarring, my thinking was they may have blended.

I would love to know how that I could find out, I tried looking for my medical records of when I was a child, and could not. I asked all my living relatives and they knew nothing of it. So I am on my own.

I do remember an intense extreme burning down there when I was about five, but assumed that it came from a rape that I had a memory of occuring..

I had 2 normal babies, and my daughter had the flaps I call them, the inner labia.

I though am slick, nothing upon opening my outer labia exists but two holes urethra and vagina. Inside my urethra however is a bulb sort of thing that gets stimulated at times.

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Wow. This site was a bunch of help!!! I needed to know about the hood/ covering thing!!! Thank u all!!
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There is a disease called Lichen Planus that can bury the clitoris completely, and cause the lips of the labia to disappear. If you have these symptoms you should definitely get referred to a vulvo-vaginal specialist, or perhaps a dermatologist, but the first would be the best.
i know i am very late, but I saw your comment and googled Lichen Planus and im clarifying that Lichen Planus is an inflammatory condition of the skin and mucous membranes. as in like a burn or rash on your skin? I am not sure where you got your answer from but I am highly confused lol
Maybe that's what the other poster remember s having burning sensation at 5 years old?
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Just yesterday I was having a chat with a male friend about some of the things he likes to do with a woman in bed. When he told me about sucking the clitoris, I told him there was nothing there to suck.... and hence began my search to find mine. As far as I can tell, I do not have one - at least not a protrusion where it should be. But I have all the same sensitive feelings in the spot where it should be. I am saving myself for marriage ( I am 23) but I have fooled around before and no guy has ever said anything... so I may have a friend look or go to the doctor. Either way I find it totally strange to suddenly realize I may not be "normal." But I have all the drive down there, so I don't know. Is there a book out there about this at all?
Yes there are try searching your local library
Lovely Human Anatomy Female Reproductive System 96 In head anatomy ...
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It's sad to be reading this, but it seems that many of the questions that are being asked here seem to stem from a lack of basic understanding of the average/typical female anatomy. Of course it can be completely normal to be undersized or oversized, or to have things positioned a little different from one another, but it seems that many of you don't know where to -start- looking, and ask questions out of fear, not knowing what normalcy could possible look like.

It seems like you've all been done a major dis-service at the lack of education you've received from public education on the topic of your own anatomy. Shame on K-12 schools! Shame!

Here's a little tip. Start looking up pictures of female anatomy! There's PLENTY of it out there. Any basic image search engine can help you. Of course there is plenty of clinical imagery, but pornography can be a valuable learning resource as well. If you have Beef with porn, try to put those offending morals aside for a moment and think about this in an informational sense. Not the pictures, as those can be doctored and manipulated as badly as any fashion photo, but the movies will be more helpful.

An an example, I'll share this is a quick little story about my girlfriend, who was brought up extremely religious. She always used to have self confidence issues because when she took her clothes off to bathe at night, she thought that her body was disfigured and abnormal. In one of the later years of high school, she was spending some time at a guy friend's house. The guy left the room to go grab something, and in that moment, she came across a porn mag half sticking out from under his bed. Initially, she was tremendously offended, but she her curiosity got the better of her, she decided to take a peek, and her mind was blown. The different women in the mag actually had bodies that were shaped differently, and different textures and feature details. A few more magazines, and she didn't feel like a freak anymore. She came to grips with the idea that yes, people are different, and IT'S NORMAL.
True, although clits very in size just like penises the average is about the size of one of your smaller fingernails. Maybe in ovalish shape or like a pea or kernel of corn. Look up real people p*** not the ones that are Photoshop pic maybe let's say older people. Some porn is photoshopped to make all girls nipples and clits and labis look similar! True bubble Jets from jacuzzi handheld shower head vibrating toothbrush are things you can use to try to test sensitivity.for outside not inside.for inside play go to adult store and clean sex toys properly to avoid not just diseases but yeast infections as well.
Lovely Human Anatomy Female Reproductive System 96 In head anatomy ...
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