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Brazilian waxing vaginal tear

I yesterday I went for a brazillian wax- my first. It was all going well until my finger slipped when the waxer asked me to hold the skin taught. Somehow this left me with a tear in my vagina, just next to the labia minora. Its about 5mm deep and a 2cm long. It bled a bit, and doesnt realy seem to be healing, though it isn't bleeding any more. Should i go to the dr or will it heal on its own?
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its prob to late to have the doc do anything for it, just keep med on it and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesnt get infected. if it gets bad red and swollen go see your doc. sorry you have a bad first experiance
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I just did what you described.  (I wax myself.)  Did you heal ok?  What worked?  I don't have insurance so I can't see a doctor.  
(Besides, its Sunday.)

Can you let me know how it turned out to help me calm down a little?

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It is very important that you go to the emergency room as soon as you realize that this has happened so they can give you stitches if necessary (you only have 12 hours after the tear occurs). I went too late and they couldnt do stitches so i just have to put bacitracin on it and clean it 3x daily and hope it doesnt get infected. The Dr. said it should heal in 7-10 days. No extraneous exercise, no sex, try to keep the area clean and dry.  Additionally feel free to demand reimbursment from the salon for the wax service, the medical bills, and any time missed from work and never go to that place again. It is absolutly not your fault that this happened. The waxer should know what they are doing. If they deny reimbursment you can contact the department of public health to investigate them. Or you can go to small claims court.
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The same damn thing just happened to me and I am pretty freaked out.  I don't know if I need stitches...I don't think so...but not sure.  I don't want to go to the ER and they laugh at me, and I pay $$$$$ for it.  

I would just like to raise awareness of this problem.  I had no idea this was even a potential result and still am kinda confused how this happened.  

I will NEVER wax again.
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To all and any who may be reading this:  I took Audrey's advice, and it worked.

I seriously thought I would need stitches; my tear was nearly 2 inches long (the entire length of the labia).  But I am a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, and attempted to handle it myself.

The first night I took some sterile gauze and applied some neosporin to it.  I rolled it like a cigarette, and cut it to the length of the tear.  I put it up in there to stop the bleeding and to keep it dry.  I changed out the gauze everytime I used the bathroom for the first 12 hrs or so.  

I used an anti-bacterial, medically rated, "wet nap" to clean it in between gauze changes.  I took the day off from work, so I could just lay around to let it heal.  

After the first 12 hours, there was still a bit of residual blood on the gauze, but it had mostly stopped bleeding, and I did not use the gauze anymore.

I continued cleaning it in the same manner, and using neosporin, about 3x a day, as well as using a mild soap to gently wash it at night before bed.  

I used  hydrogen peroxide once to clean it.  The only issue with that is it kills the good bacteria that your body needs to heal itself as well as any bad bacteria that may be present.  I wouldn't suggest using hydrogen peroxide to clean it every single time, but occassionally it is good.

If you are into homeo-pathic remedies, I also used a silver-based first aid gel found at my local health food store, and candula ointment.

I also avoided exercise, sex, or any other contact or arduous activity.

After 3 days, I have made quite the recovery.  There is still minor pain, and I can tell where the tear is.  If aggravated, it probably would tear back open again.

Good luck to any of you who are healing!

P.S. If it starts swelling or if you do not think it is getting better within a few days, see your doctor.  It may be infected.  Also, if it does not stop bleeding, go to the Emergency room right away.  If you notice any other symptoms, from fever, rash, fatigue, or abnormal discharge, see a physician immediately.  
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*correction Calendula ointment.  It comes in a cream, an oil, and a petrolium based product.
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It's kind of nice to know I'm not alone.  The aesthetician that caused my tear is also a friend and making me feel terrible about it (keeps Facebooking me about how she lost sleep and cryed all night).  I have waxed for over 5 years and used a couple of different Salons and have never had a problem.  The tear is the full length of my labia and extemely painful.  I have cleaned with betadine and using neosporine (as a mother of four, we use this on everything).

My husband is furious and very upset that I didn't immediately see a doctor and instead went to work for full shift.

Does anyone know what the infection factor is just from the wax maybe carrying bacteria?
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I never realized that this was a possibility either, but unfortunately it seems to be, and I feel the same way as another lady said... It would be so embarrassing to go to an emergency room for this. =(
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As a professional in the spa and health industry, it is the technician's responsibility to do a thorough and complete procedure to remove all hair to the client's needs during a brazilian wax. But, it also necessary to have the client as a partner during this procedure. If it is the client's responsibility to ensure the skin is tight, and the client lets loose of the skin, then the liability falls upon the client for any lacerations. We have well-trained and higly educated technicians at our spa who performs many spa duties. But, if it is done to a perfect art, it takes two to complete some services: the technician and the client.  If the client fails to perform his/her duty, she/ he is the one who brings on any pain and suffering if the rest of the procedure has been delivered according to all applicable rules and regulations. Just thought any of you would want to know this.

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This happened to me today!!!! :( :'(  :'(
Went to get a routine hollywood wax and now iv got a really painful tear between my labia minora and clitoris. I didnt realise the full extent of the tear until i got home  - no wonder the beautician charged me less than half price! if i had known it was this bad i wouldnt have paid at all!! :/ :(
I dont think its deep enough for stitches, the bleeding isnt bad...its not pouring blood, which is good. it does sting.
I washed the area with a feminine wash and making sure to wear baggy trousers to let the area 'breathe'. Should i buy some calendula ointment, does it really help??

Im really worried - will the tear heal up fully?? As in, will the two halves of the tear close up?? or will the tear opening still be there??
:'( :'(
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the same thing happened yesterday and boy am I peeved. i've been waxing for years and this has NEVER happened to me. I've used 2 different salons/spas (one was very expensive which is why i switched to a less expensive one) and none of the technicians had ever asked me to hold my own skin. They've always done it for me. Except for yesterday--I think we were holding and stretching so tight that there was no elasticity left in my skin so it tore.
I'm hoping to heal before vacation next week. Grrr!
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I just had brazilain today and thought something must had gone wrong because the pain was so bad.  She told me "i am so sensitive down there"    I got home and went to the bathroom to find my underwear full of blood!  I irrigated with saline and discovered a 1 1/2 inch laceration.  I  am a nurse and know I must have been bleeding a lot and she said nothing to me!  Then she has the guts to charge me.  Do we report these places?  I am Lazer hair removal bound.  
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I went in today and this happened to me.  She asked me to hold my labia and then she tore the wax off.  The pain took my breath away as if I was punched in the stomach.  She said I scratched myself.  I got home and had to take the kids to daycare and then went up stairs to wash it up.  I then found the slit along my labia.  It looked like someone sliced me with a knife.  I called her and got my money back.  I am going to Ecuador in 3 days so I'm hoping nothing goes wrong.  
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Same thing happened to me yesterday..went to dr..she applied dermabond...we will see if it works..boy...that was no fun...
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This happened to me this afternoon and I'm still sick to my stomach over it. What is the general healing time for this sort of laceration? Mine is about a centimeter long and a quarter of that wide. I'm terrified :-(
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this is ridiculous to suggest it is in any way the clients fault. I have been going to the same woman for months, and have been to many other salons in the past ten years and they never ask me to help hold my skin taught. Yet somehow this lady I went to for the first time today had me holding my skin in all different directions for her assistance. And then one and only time she pulled wax *without* asking me for my help, she tore my labia very badly. This is clearly something that amateurs use as a crutch and we as clients should not be held responsible for their mistakes. Especially when we are not trained and are completely in pain.
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So has anyone completely recovered? This really hurts! I'm going on a remote vacation and wont have access to a clinic and I'm getting nervous...
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This just happened to me as well. My tare is about 4 1/2 inches in length. I went to the emergency room and they stitched it up and put me on an antibiotic for7 days.
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Sorry but the technician is the subject matter expert, not the client... All responsibility of fault is on the person with the license/degree/certification/etc... How dare u blame a client... Own up to your fault and don't blame the person that trusts you, and has no idea what will happen... This happened to me yesterday day. The lady that waxed me said she'd been doing this for 20 years, don't look at it... Now I have a complete rip in my vagina... There is a hole in my labia, it's horrible, the bleeding comes and goes... The lady told me I must have thin skin... Seriously... I used to get waxed all the time, it never happened before... I say go to the doctor, get it documented, report the business, because this needs to stop... And apparently they think like the technician above and take no responsibility and continue to do this to people with no consequence... I say hit them in their pockets, that is the only way they will learn... It is not o
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I know this thread has been silent for several years - but this just happened to me and I’m freaking out. Supposed to be leaving town tomorrow. What is the average timeline for this type of wound to heal? I have washed and put Neosporin on it.
Well, it's been a few days.  That sounds uncomfortable. They DO make some otc spray products that dull pain like this.  Remember that women have babies and get tears.  :>)  A squirt bottle of warm water sprayed as you go pee can help when that starts to hurt.  A tucks in your underwear is soothing.  And even just a bit of vasoline on a wound like that helps keep things out.  It may start itching and this means it is healing.  I hope this doesn't impact your trip too much
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