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Breast pain!!

Please help. I am 34 years old with four beautiful children.  For the past 5 days or so my breasts have been so sore that even if anyone brushes up against them i want to cry. Putting a bra on is agony.  The nipples are just as sore.  And I just had my period 2 weeks ago. Could I be going through menopause or am I to young for that? And if not that then what could it be?????
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you had a period that was regular, so you dont think pg is the case. i have fibroid cysts in my breasts and they hurt, but not my nipples. they will feel sore more than anything. im 35 and went for my pap recently. im unhappy to say that at this age our bodies change. lol. my nurse practioner said hormones change and our bodies will now have different things happen. more hair ! aaack! emotional differences. my body also becomes much more sensitive during ovulation with sore breasts and nipples like you have mentioned. other than those ideas i am not sure. enjoy, you have one more good year left haha. jk!!
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My best girlfriend had the same thing as you.  She was 29 than.  Her breasts were so painful and than they started to leak a LOT.  She wasnt pregnant.

It turned out that her hormones were just out-of-whack.  They put her on birth control pills to regulate her hormones.  She had two beautiful children a couple years after.

I'm not saying you may or may not be going thru menopause.  I'm just staying there can be other reasons. It might be something 'simple' like a hormonal fluctuation.

Now if you are noticing pain on one side in a specific spot, you may have a blocked duct.  It sounds like though you are just having overall tenderness.  Overall tenderness is almost always hormone related.

As always, if its bothering you a lot, contact your doctor.
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Believe it or not, try a bioidentical progesterone cream (you can get in the States over the counter, not in Canada though).  Look for a 2% strength.  Try it for a few days. You may have a bit of estrogen dominance.  You can get a prescription for it (although your doctor may be skeptical) or get a low dose over the counter, like Femgest.  The cream can't hurt you, honest, it leaves your system very quickly and you can't overdose on it or anything.  It helps your body use estrogen more efficiently.
Also, if you haven't already, try cutting out all caffeine, Coke, chocolate and alcohol for a while and see if that helps. If it persists for another week, definitely see your doctor.  
I wouldn't imagine it was menopause, although it is possible at your age, it is very rare...
I personally do not like the birth control pill or what it does to your body.  
Finally, look for this book at your library or purchase it...
"Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing" by Dr. Christiane Northrup
It is a great resource.
Good luck
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Katie whats up?????

I came across this because i am having breast pain. I didnt realize the us sells this over the counter or  i would have stocked up!!! Good to know.

Didnt make it to calgary last year but i should be going soon. I hope we can meet up
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