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In 2002 I had a full wrist fusion on My right wirst.  I have had a lump for 5 months which has been increasing in size on my right breast I went to my doctor and he sent me for an ultrasound it came back that the lump was echogenic in nature. He then sent me back to have a fine needle biopsy when I got there the nurse said that she could not find a lump and would not proceed let alone feel with her hand where it was.  Since then I have developed a lump on the right side of my neck half way up between my ear and my collar bone. Could this be cancerous or could it be something to do with my arm such as poor circulation.  I am 28 and worried as my family history is unknown.  Please give me some suggestions of causes of lumps in these to place.

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Please report this to ur doctor. I also had fine needle aspiration. I showed the person doing thd procedure where the problem was. If u can not feel the lump they can do ultrasound guided. Your doctor needs to schedule you again preferably to a center that will try a little harder. Good Luck.
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Hi, my name is raynisha I am 23 years old, I just recently found out that I am pregnant and I found a lump inside of my left breast, I'm scared it could be cancerous.... I had this for a month or so and it's a size of a quarter , when I touch around my breast it hurts I'm not sure ... When I move my lump it moves around alittle but not much and it feels alittle lumpy .. Does anyone have any answers please :/ ?
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