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Brown/Black discharge, Peeing alot more than usual

About 5 weeks ago I got what I had thought was my period.  However only a small amount of blood came out during the first day followed by a brownish/black discharge (which had no odor) the next 3 days. Usually I have a very heavy flow of blood lasting about 5 days so this was very abnormal for me.  Then about 2 weeks ago the brownish/black discharge returned but it was even more heavy and continued for about 4 days. I really do not believe this could have been my period because I always experience extremely swollen and sore breasts the week before my peroid and also a few days into it. During these 4 days I did not experience any swelling or soreness of my breasts, or cramps which I also always experience during my regular period. I still have not gotton my period and for the past week and a half I am having to urinate way more than normal, about 10 times a day but I do not experience a burning sensation when I use the bathroom. I have also been getting very nausious about once a day every day around the same time for the past week. I am sexually active with my boyfriend and regretably we do not use protection and I am not on birth control and never have been. I'm extremely afraid I could be pregnant and do not want a child at this time in my life, I am only 20 yrs old. Also, the past couple of times we've had sex and its lasted for longer than 20 min I experience swelling of my labia and the skin surrounding the labia, it is also sore. I am so confused as to what could be going on with me and am not able to see my OBGYN until 2 weeks from now. I would appreciate it so much if someone could give me some insight as to what might be going on with me. Please help. Thank you so much.
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I am going thru the same thing at this point.  I had this brown and red period about three week ago, it was very light and I only used pantiliners for about 4 days.  It's not my normal period because I didn't feel the sore breasts, etc.  And yesterday, this brown and then red period came back, also very light and it's not my normaly period.  I went to my OB today and he gave me bc pills and that should regulate my period.  He told me that he would do biopsy if my period doesn't straighten out.  I'm very worried now because my period has been very irregular for the past year and I constantly spotted brown.  I strongly sugguest that you ask for pap smear and ultrasound when you visit your OB dr.  I had all the tests and the next test would be biopsy to detect any abnormal cells in my ovary.  I hope this helps
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