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Brown Discharge instead of Period. Scared and crap insurance. Please Help!!!

Okay so I don't want to go to the doctor because I have really bad insurance and would have to pay everything out of pocket and I just can't afford it right now. But the story is I usually start my period on the 15th of every month give or take a day. Well this month around the 13th I guess I started to have a dark brown discharge. Like wont even soak into a tampon with lots of tiny clots and it won't stop. I got and am pretty bloated and I usually don't bloat. I'm a thick girl so I'm squishy but my tummy is hard. About once a day I will have like a small fish of fluid and it's mostly brown with hints of pink or red. It's not much but noticeable when just wearing a panty liner. I've taken a PT and it's negative. They're off brand but should work right? I have unprotected sex. I'm engaged. It happens. Due to family history I can't take birth control. We all have very bad reactions. I've read and read and googled and googled but nobody I read about is having exactly the same thing I am. Brown discharge and clots. None huge. Biggest one I had was maybe the size of a dime. And I should be on my period right now but I'm not. I've read about it possibly being PCOS or implantation bleeding but I hear that's either super rare or a myth. Im just freaking out and I have that feeling and my fiancé doesn't understand what I'm talking about but it's this feeling that something is right. Not technically wrong but not normal. Like a gut feeling that there is something going on that means something. Oh and like heart burn. Oh god the heart burn. And I am not the kinda person to get heart burn. I think that covers it. Please help with any advice.
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Are you sure it's not just old blood? I get brown discharge from time time in the beginning of my period.
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Yes, I agree.  Brown 'discharge' is old blood and most women have this from time to time.  It's very common and not something serious.  If you are sexually active, you may want to take a pregnancy test to rule that out but otherwise, your period is probably just late as it is from time to time for women.  I would not worry at this point.  good luck
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