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Brown Discharge while having my first period. What's going on?

I'm 13 and I just had my first period yesterday. A day before that there was brown stuff in my underwear that didn't smell bad, so it isn't feces, but it was dark brown. I have a small amount of blood, but mostly the brown stuff. I'm worried, what's wrong? Is it dangerous? Is there something wrong internally? There was no sexual activity involved.
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The brown stuff is still currently there every time i check.. It's the second day of my period.
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Ok, first, take a deep breath.
Getting your period for the first time is scary, i know, but this is nothing to be worried about.
The brown in your underwear is most likely dried blood. When only a little bit comes out, you tend not to notice and it dries where it is, creating a brown splotch. (That's why you're not supposed to wear light colors when you're close to getting your cycle).
So, basically, it's normal period blood and that's it.
However, if you're still worried you should ask your doctor or try talking to a friend who already has her period. Or you could talk to your mom.
Hope I helped!
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Hello there,  Please do NOT PANIC....Old blood turns brown in the womans period department....Maybe you ovulated last month and then you did not have a period last month, the blood stayed in there and needed to come out this month....This happens sometimes like you when you start your period, or after having a baby... It is okay especially since you just started yours... CONGRATS, this is the first step to becoming a woman....GOD BLESS!!  loimmarmar
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It is also happening to me and my birthday is in 3 days im turning 13. But right now im stressing to the maxxxxx it is brown and it isn't poo cause it doesn't smell  and it has hardly any red!!!!!!!!!! Is that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
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