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Brown Discharge

I have not had my period since march 15 . I have taken blood test and home test i am not pregnant. i've have no symptoms either of being pregnant.
I have not had sex its about 3 weeks if not more. And Never have unprotected sex.
Yesterday I did get lots of brown discharge to the point where i thought my period had come back but after that it didn't happen again, just lighter brown discharge. Kinda like tissue or blobs.
A few minutes ago today it happened again lots of dark brown discharge like period blood, but again went back to dark stains when I clean myself with paper. Took another pregnancy test and still negative.
When i get a lot brown discharge it was on the toilet paper, looked like blobs of dark brown. Just on the paper not the toilet.
I have been having cramping like if i where to get my period but nothing yet. Im really confused what could be going on. I have also been getting sharp pain under my rib cage and in my right lower abdomen ( overies i guess) .  Could it be that my period is starting up again or can it be something more serious? Im also have like a tummy ache.
I did go to the doctor when i took the blood test and he said my appendix was a bit tender I'm getting scans this week hopefully. But any thing you guys can help me on?  I have always had a period every month till this happened. Not the same days but at least one a month.
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Hi and welcome.  Try not to worry hon.  Your hormones sound out of whack and pregnancy isn't the only thing that causes cessation of periods and brown (old blood) discharge.  Your thyroid could also be not properly functioning.  So, you went to the doctor to rule out pregnancy but I think you need to go back to talk to him or her about where your period is and what is going on with your body.  Good luck
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This is the same exact thing happenimg. To me plus lower back pain please let me know i am very worries
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