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Brown discharge twice a months

Im 34 years old female. I experienced spotting/brown discharge for the first time in june. It last for 6 days. It never happen again until lately.

4/10 - 10/10 normal period
15/10 - 17/10 brown discharge
21/10  unprotected sex
31/10 - 2/11 browm discharge again, accomoanied with mild nausea and fatigue
2/11 - ... Normal period??  The blood flow is started
3/11 took a home pregnancy test and the result is negative

What coukd happen to me??
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Brown discharge is simply old blood being dispelled and normal.  I have it before every period and after myself.  Hormonal issues can also cause this.  You've ruled out pregnancy, so if you are concerned that something is wrong causing this, maybe it would be a good time for a pelvic exam.  good luck

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