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Brown discharge

Hi mam, i am suffering with dark brown discharge in mid cycle. My period was on 29th march. And from yesterday that is from 15th april happening this. This is first time i am observing. One more thing i was taking the ivf treatment i did almost 1&half month cource of medicines. My blastocyte transfer was on 26th april but my transfer stopped due to corona lockdown but i took 5 progesterone injection till 26th. Please suggest is this normal discharge? Or something is wrong thing happening.i am very scared.also we didnt have intercource from last period so implantation bleeding is not possible.
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If you were on progesterone injections and they stop, you should have a period. It might not look like the usual period because it will have been influenced by your hormone treatment in the run-up to IVF. It can take four days to come or even up to two weeks, depending on how influential your regular cycle is. Call your IVF doctor for advice if things seem too unusual. But it is just a period, not cancer.
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Yes thank you. My doubt has cleared now. It was just suddenly hormone level changed. Today my brown discharge stopped
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This can happen for some different reasons.  And a hormone imbalance is absolutely one of them.  The progesterone injection is a big factor here and I'd say this is normal after that.  This does often happen.  Hormones are this tricky thing and brown spotting (old blood) is a common thing to have happen. Here's a whole article. https://www.healthline.com/health/brown-vaginal-discharge  How long have you been trying to get pregnant?  
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Thank you so much for the quick reply. Actually i was very scared as this is the first time observed. And i was thinking it might be uterous cancer or cervix cancer. Or may be endometrisis. & i was trying to conceive since last 4 yrs. I have harmonal imbalance low AMH & high fsh  so my egg quality is very poor. I attempt one iui it failed. Then went for आणि ivf treatment with donor egg.  It was succesful.  But unfortunately i lost twins fetus on 17th week because my water bag leaked. Agian i trying for the same. But everything is stopped due to COVID lockdown
Fertility is such a while trip.  I'm sorry you are on that ride.  I was too and did go on to have two sons so keep the faith!!  I am so very very sorry about the loss of twins at 17 weeks.  That's beyond devastating.  I can't imagine the pain of that and even more so after all the effort (ivf with donor eggs and what you went through before that) to get pregnant.  And 17 weeks is so far along.  Any idea when covid shut down will have a break in your area?  In mine, we think we'll get a summer reprieve before it ramps back up in late fall.  Has your fertility doctor given you any guidance?
Hi dear thank you to understand my pain. It was the worst period of my life even apart from my mom dad no one can supported me in this situation. My doctor only suggested me need to extend the transfer date bcoz of covid as it is dangerous for both mother and baby. And now a days that clinic also closed so i took the online help for my quiery. I am from the india. And our shoudown will break on 3rd may..where are you from and whats your good name.
Ahh, sweetie.  I know how hard it is.  Is your husband any support emotionally to you?  I would say that if they do not take necessary precautions to prevent the virus spread, waiting might make sense.  I am in the US.  We're shut down officially until the same time but think it will go longer, until probably mid may and then with things like fertility being available like early june.  It's hard to wait to get back to life, isn't it?  
Yes i know. It is time consuming. but actual i already gone from this phase. and need to attain every month or may be in 15days scan. And need to take progesterone shots from docs.Which means i should go outside the home. And as travelling source is totally shutdown in our area. So i think this is good decision we have taken. Also we dont have more embryos remains only 4 are there so if fail this time also then i cant imagine my life. Bcoz the finance is also take in this role. My in lwas are very cruel..they are not ready to accept as they are thinking i did this my own..now my husband is behaving good to me. He asked me i give you one more chance for 2nd ivf attempt. This time you should have to be strong. Should give birth to a healthy baby. But who will tell him that always i am trying to give my best. But some things are not in our hand...today stopped my brown discharge. Thank you. Its nice to talk with you
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