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Brown icky discharge?

I'm 20 and I'm having brown discharge. It has been happening for the past two days. Today's Thursday and on Monday I had rough sex with my boyfriend. Could this have anything to do with it? It's also been about a week and a half/two weeks since my period, so I know it's not just the beginning of my period. Plus my period has never started. I read online that brown discharge could be a really bad sign or nothing at all. I just don't want to go to the doctor and then it's nothing. Could I be pregnant? Is it because I'm ovulating? Help!
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What other symptoms do you have? Itchiness, soreness, etc. If you are experiencing other symptoms then you need to go see a doctor. Each woman has discharge that changes throughout the course of the month. Are you familiar with what is normal for you when you ovulate?

If you recently just finished your menses, then it may just be that your sex stirred up some left over blood that didn't wash out yet naturally. Do not Douche as that may cause more problems.

I'm like you, hate to spend the money, time and energy to go to the doctor and then find out it's all nothing. But when it comes to that area, I treat it like the most important place on my body and will do anything to make sure nothing happens to it that shouldn't, but that's me.

I hope it goes away on it's own for you, but I wouldn't wait more than a week if it continues everyday.
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i had my periods afer 6 months and when i had them they were really heavey. then 5 weeks later no period and not pregnant but brown dicharge  please help i dont knw wat it is
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It could be Bacterial Vaginosis. An oral medication can take care of it. Google it. It's very common, and a discharge is a major indicator. Also, possible Thrush. Again, oral medication. Get a papsmear! That will tell you. I hope it gets better!
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I don't have any other symptoms! Only the brown discharge. I have a bad soreness (not like period cramps) whenever I ovulate. That's been happening for probably two years. We thought it was a cyst, but when I went to the doctor they said it was just from ovulation. I've never had brown discharge before except for right after my period. But its been about two weeks since my period and its not time for me to start my next one. My boyfriend has been my only sex partner for a year and a half now. I just got off antibiotics, arythromycin, for a sinus and ear infection as well. The brown discharge started the day after I finished it. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Tailb1983...sounds like you  miscarried.
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Basically I have no symptoms except for this nasty brown discharge. It doesn't even smell bad! No odor at all...nothing fishy or anything. That's why I'm sketchy about going to the doctor and paying all that money, taking so much time for nothing. No itching, soreness, nothing...
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