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Brown spotting approx one week before period

I had my daughter 16 months ago (C-section).  For about the last 10 months or so, I've had dark brown to light brown spotting about 5-7 days before my period each month.  My periods have been pretty regular, although heavy the first two days usually.  I have noticed some clots coming out ever now and then (usually small to about the size of a nickel on the large side).  I've noticed lately that I have a dull ache on my lower left side off and on.  Anyone have any idea what could be going on?  I'm trying to wait until my husband's new health insurance starts before seeing doctor (in 4 weeks), but I've been getting more concerned lately.  I thought the first few months was just my periods getting back to normal after having a child.  Now, I'm thinking it's something else.
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Sounds like me. I had a dd 9 months age (c-section) and I have spotting 7dpo. It's soo annoying. We have been ttc for 4 months now. I have an appt. next Monday, can't wait to see him. I have read low progesterone, but, who knows?
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You sound just like me.  After my mc about 10 months ago, I too have been spotting a week before my period. I went to the doctor yesterday and he did a u/s and said everything looked great.  He thought the spotting was due to hormones. He basically stated that I am not making enough progesterone. He assured me that this was not going to affect my TTC, but I am not to sure if  I believe this. During the pregnancy that ended in mc I was put on med for my progesterone. They still tell to this day say that the mc was not caused by low progestrone but I am sure it did not help.  As a result of my doctors visit he just upped my dosage of clomid and told me to come back in 4 months.  He said that if I was not pg in the next 3 months he would send me to an inferitlity dr. This is very frustrating because me and my DH have been TTC for the last two years. I would have never thought it would be this hard. I am only 26 and he is 28. Best of luck to you ladies!!
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Well, looks like the spotting didn't interfear whatsoever for me. I am pg again. Still spotted 8dpo until the day I was supposed to start my AF.  I will ask at my OB appt next Wed. if my progesterone needs to be checked. Good Luck TTC!
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Congrats on your BFP!! Hopefully your levels will be great!  I am still in limbo I started spotting last week and I am not expecting AF until next Wednesday!! I am hoping for a BFP to but not counting on it. Congrats again!!
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Don't worry, your bfp will come when you least expect it!! Baby Dust***
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That is what everyone keeps telling me!! I guess it is easier said then done!! : )
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