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Brown vaginal discharge and when i wipe black mucus

Im a 17 year old girl , im a virgin and my period isnt due for atleast another two weeks but recently i found clear stains and discharge on my undies but i assumed it was stains from Previous things.. But tonight i checked my undies and i had brown/red discharge on my undies so i went to the bathroom and wiped and black mucus appeared. Im really freaking out right know because i have no idea what it is and ive beeb feeling sick lately so could it be related? please help!! Any help would be very appreciated.
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Hey there... well first question: What age did you begin your period? Secondly, can you describe the texture of the discharge? And also, "feeling sick" in what way?
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Another question is, do you use tampons, and could you have left one in by accident last time? That happens sometimes and would lead to a discharge like that. Why not see your doctor?
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I was 13 when i first got my period, well the first discharge was clear and just looked like a stain then later when i changed undies and it started again first red then it turned a reddy-brown , ive been feeling dizzy for a while and ive been feeling on/off sick for the past few weeks, like vomit sick :/. I do use tampson but i havent used one for over a year. I would but i dont have any way to get there unless my parents drive me and they'd say i was over-reacting.
Thanks for trying to help..
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