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Bump on TOP of my clitoris

I have a bump which is same color as my skin roughly on top left of my clitoris. It doesn't hurt normally but when I press or squeeze it to try to drain it off(though nothing comes out) it is a sharp pain but it subsides within minutes. I am 16 so I'm kind of insecure to talk about it to anyone else and I am never been sexually active.
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Could be an ingrown hair or cyst, best bet is to leave it alone and take some sitzbaths, either in slightly salty water or water with a little white vinegar. If you can't leave it alone you might give yourself a nice little infection there, and then you would for sure have to talk about it to someone else (the doctor). If more of the bumps appear, do go see the doctor.
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What kind of cyst? It isn't bartholin's because of it's location. Also how many days you think after it can disappear?
There are lots and lots of kinds of cysts. Some are filled with an almost-solid substance, some with water, some with oil, some with pus. When a cyst is on the labia, it's often called a labial cyst, though other kinds of cysts can also happen in the genital area. And don't forget there is the possibility it's an ingrown hair, or something else.

If it isn't something you can keep yourself from squeezing and trying to mess with, see the doctor.

Here's more about cysts in particular:

Thank you for your input. I feel like it is a folliculitis because there is also a white tint appeared on top it.  I'm trying tea tree oil and aloe vera for homemade remedies.

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