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Burning sensation on my left side breast

Few weeks ago, I started a tinkling feeling wheneven I sat cross-legged and stood up. The feelings quickly ran away. However, not too long afterwards,the burning sensation on my side breast right under my arm-pit bothers me a lot. I went to see my family doctor and she felt nothing but could be my over worked muscle. Two days afterward, I had my mammogram and sonogram. A benign calcium deposit was found and need 6-months follow up. Today, I ran on the treadmill and bouncing down the staircase, the burning on my left side breast is more intensified and longlasting.
I am otherwise heathy and thin but has high cholestral history, never take medication to control it but believe diet and exerice can help. My question is if I strongly suspect something growing inside my breast or lympnode(?) area other than benign cyst or calcium deposit, what kind of test can I request and what specialist can I see? I was told by the radiologist that calcium deposit should not casue my burning sensation and my family doctor does not seem to offer any good answer either. Will blood test be able to detect any cancerous cells from a regular physical check-up? I was exposed to second-hand smoking environment up through my childhood. I will start up a new job after all of these years staying home mom. Worry if the new stress will worsen my health condition.Thanks for taking your time. May god bless all of us who have health problems to deal with.
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As to your question:the benign cyst,you can have it needled biopsed.If you have large breast they sometimes might pull and cause burning sensation.You ask your doctor,if that might be the problem.Do you see a gynecologist our your family practioner?It's all ways best when it comes to womens health to a gynecologist.I hope some of this information helped.GOD BLESS YOU JOOE.FEEL WELL SOON.TNT406
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This is a good question for the Breast Cancer forum on MedHelp.

If you are uncomfortable with your doctors advice, you can always as for a referral to a breast surgeon and take a copy of your mammogram with you (not the report--the actual films-you can get them from the facility where you had the mammo).  

Your mind may be eased after another exam by an experienced surgeon who can go over your entire history and review the films.  

No competent doctor would be offended by you asking for another opinion.  They welcome it.   In fact, if I had a doctor who seemed offended by my asking--he/she wouldn't remain my doctor very long.  

I think it will go a long way towards easing your mind.  And if you ask this question on the Breast Cancer forum, there are doctors and specialty RNs with experience in this area that may ease it furthur.
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Thanks for your reply. No, I don't have a large breast. However, I have been lift weight for about 9 months. Currently, I increase the weight more than 20%. Yes, I did talk to my ob/gyn. She has no absolute comment. I am 46 and weight 96 lbs. Any thoughts about all of these information provided? Will my harmone change also a factor? Once again, I truly appreciate your reply so soon.
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i have a buring sensation on both beasts. i push my breast in and it so painful.  Its like have a open cut and accidentlly putting  lemon on it. it burns a lot even my left shoulder hurt. l went for a mammogram and i am waiting for the result.  
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u need to eat and gain some weight!! 96 pounds don't sound like a healthy weight for a 46 year old woman!! (unless u are about 4 ft tall) that may be your problem!!
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