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ok a year ago after giving birth to my daughter i had 2 get the leep procedure and when i went back to my doctor everything was fine ( so i was bless) but lately my sex drive has went down the drain i mean i'm not interested in SEX at all! its seen like my hormones left me! so i don't know why i'm not having any urges to be initimate with my man PLEASE HELP!
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Hi there, I would say to be honest that its probably a combination of you having a baby and the Leep procedure. The procedure isn't nice and would certainly put anyone off sex, for me it was the fact that sperm is the thing that attacks the cervix in the first place! When you consider that you have a new baby aswell its no wonder! Lots of women feel that way for a year or 2 after birth, the sleepless nights, the changes to your body, sub conciously thinking I don't want to get pregnant again just yet lol.. basically you're that tired and in mummy mode that sex is the last thing on your mind!
Your sex drive will come back, you maybe just need a night off from the baby, go for a romantic meal, ask him to give you a massage.....
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