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My husband and i have been trying for a baby for 2years now, but with out any luck, so we both did a home fertiliy test, my results were fine, but my husbands said he had to see his doctor, So off to the doctor my husband went.
The doctor sent my husband up to the hospital to leave a semen sample with them for testing.
The results of the semen test from the hospital was that my husband "apparently has NO sperm or VERY LITTLE sperm in his semen". We are both completely gutted. the letter also says my husband needs to go in for a blood test and to repeat the semen test in 2 months.
I have booked us both an appointment with my husbands doctor for 9am tomorrow morning to find out more, but i am so so so so scared we will never have our  baby.

My husband says both the test are wrong because if didn't provide a good enough amount of semen for both tests because he had to masterbate, so he wants to do a repeat of the test by having interupted intercourse to get a better quailty and quanterty of semen, I have decided to let him try this because if this test comes back with the same result then he will have to believe the results are right and that we will never be able to conceive on our own.

I have been doing some research on the internet and have found out that our doctor will only offer us using a sperm donor first of all, this is not an option for my husband, he doesn't want to use this option at all coz it will mean using someone else's sperm and my husband wants the baby to be his.
So i continued my research and found out if you push your doctor for more we can have a treatment called ICSI where by using a needle they can find sperm in my husbands teste's, take the sperm out then take some of my eggs out and fertilise the egg in a pot which my husbands sperm, then 2 days later put the egg back inside my womb, with a 46% chance of a sucessful pregnancy.
This treatment cost roughly £4,000 to £8,000 so unless we can have this treatment done on the NHS then there is no chance i will ever have the chance to love and hold my own child.
I didn't find any other ways for me and my husband to have a child on the internet.

What i need to know is what are our options for having our baby??
Can we still have our own baby by using the sperm in my husbands teste's?
Is ICSI our only option???
Can we have treatment on the NHS??
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