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44 years old. Everything has been going along normally other than...I have been told by Endo I am Anemic but I hear lots of women with Hashimotos are. So I haven't worried. Periods were regular usually every 26-28 days. Lasting 3 days off one and back on for 1.  Take thyroid and have been having to take Met since I delivered because the gestational never went away. I know alot of women w/ my thyroid problem have PCOS and take met. Not sure I have that though.
Started 17 days ago with some dark discharge blackish brown then it went to pale red with some blood clots but mostly was just spotting never saturated a pad. Just notice with wiping. About 4 days ago I seemed to to START what felt like an actual period. Heavier flow. Normal for me. But cramping especially if I am, up trying to do stuff. But I was awaken today by cramps, so it had nothing to do with physical activity.
The Gyno I went to because I had began with terrible itching and burning and then the bleeding. Gave me Lotrisone and told me if the bleeding stopped in a normal amount of time it was probably just uneventful cycling. But if it didn't stop he wanted to do a biopsy for Cancer.  Nothing in the middle, no Ultra sound, no, blood tests Just jump right into a biopsy. He kind of scared me. He mentioned that they can try Progesterone to try to control the bleeding and if that helped then it was just perimenopause.  So I went on my way and was very busy  Peeling wall paper &  painting my Mom's house for 4 days that I didn't notice anything but just bleeding all the time (just a little).
So I call him at day 9 and ask for the hormones to try. He put me on Aygestin 5mg I am on day 5 and what puzzles me is that I actually started to bleede worse and it's not stopping. Although it seems I was having something abnormal and now just a regular menstral cycle on top of that. But I am, not sure. I hate to ask him questions because he is very impatient.  I am, anemic already been bleeding for 9 days and I was having confusion and he was getting annoyed with me for not understanding the instructions, which by the way the Pharmacist got all messed up. Also told me that the Aygestin was ESTROGEN.  
All he wants is for me to get a biopsy and frankly I am, a little scared and would like to have some info that is possitive and that It may be some thing else!
When I had my last child I had an amnio while the tech was doing the Ultrasound portions she said something about have I ever been told I had... either fibercystic or she said Polycystic, I don't recall because the other person promptly told her to be quiet and ussered her out of the room. That was the last I ever heard about this and I have wondered ever since. After delivery and ever since I have always felt like my Uterus has never gone back to it's normal size. It feels as though I am, always 6 months pregnant.  And now this....
Any thoughts? Any thoughts other than Uterine Cancer.  Is it typical to have cramps with Uterine Cancer?
Is it possible that I am, having a period and that the Aygestin is not working because of the period? Or should it have stopped it by now?
Sorry about all the questions, just a little freaked out here
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I wish I could help you. My daughter was having weird periods with nasty brown stuff in between cycles. She just went to the doctor and they put her on progesterone, not estrogen. They're hoping it clears out the uterus a bit because hers is too bulky. If not, then they're talking about a D&C. She also has a cyst on one ovary and that can cause bloating and pain here and there. But they did do the ultrasound (transvaginal). It's a creepy kind of test but not painful and it shows the uterus and ovaries pretty clearly. I would think that would be the first thing your doctor would do (my opinion). If you're not happy with that doctor (question his decisions and he's too impatient) it would be great to try a different doctor that would listen to you.
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Well, I called and told the medical center for women that I did not like the other man that his bedside manner was not too great. That I need someone who is compassionate and patient! I told them who I saw when I had my last baby and they got me in with him on Friday. I am,going to ask why they can't do the trans vaginal US and then a blood test for tumors. If there is Cancer it will show up.  I would rather do those things before some really painful endometrial biopsy. Especially if they see alot of fibroids or cysts. Then it will explain a whole lot. I think. IF there are none then I guess I have to have the biopsy if he doesn't just believe it's perimenopause.
I would just love to hear from some other women that they had really long bleeding spotting mostly and then a couple of days heavy and then stop for a day and start again. I have brownish then it starts bleeding either lightly or like today .Heavy. Lots of little blood clots.  I guess I'd like to hear that Women can actually have all this and it is JUST PERIMENOPAUSE.
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OH yeah one other thing...it is progesterone not estrogen that he put me on. But the pharmacist is the one who told me the wrong thing!
I  was supposed to be done bleeding by Monday according to this doctor and I am, not. What did your doctor tell your daughter? Did he say it should stop in a week?
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I haven't talked to her the past couple days. I should check in and see how's she's doing. Between being due for her period (today) and the Provera, she might be feeling pretty lousy about now.

Glad you get a second chance to discuss this with another doctor. I am menopausal and had some funky periods during those perimenopausal years. They came close together or would skip for 3-4 months at a time, had chunky periods with clots, hot flashes (still have those) and emotions all over the place. The clots may have been from the fibroid (that I didn't know I had until last Nov.).

As for the CA 125 test, for women who are still cycling it's not very accurate. Sorry to burst your bubble. The number can be high for other reasons besides cancer. Or it can be low and a person could still have cancer. Not all cancers put out the marker that shows up on CA 125. I'm not impressed with the test at all to be honest. But for women going through chemo for ovarian cancer, it works pretty well to monitor how the chemo is working.

See if you can get the TVUS and what shows up from that. Sorry to say you have to be your own advocate and speak up. You can be polite but confident about what you're feeling and your concerns. Go for it.
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Thanks again for your responses.
What is a TVUS?
I dont know if there is much hope you will respond to this before I go to my appointment but I am, going to ask just in case....

He would not do a pap last time I was barely bleeding. I am, having a heavy-ish flow now after having one day of nothing.  Can they/or will they do any testing in this condition? What will they do to get it cleared so they can look? Have you had testing when bleeding?
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This board is so active that msgs get pushed to the next page before I realize it. Sorry I'm slow to see your question.

A TVUS is a trans-vaginal ultrasound. You're probably familiar with a regular utlrasound where they put cold jelly on the belly and slide the thing around to see inside. The TVUS is like a wand that's inserted into the vagina and images are seen from that angle. Pretty embarrassing but very effective. I'm not sure they would do it during active bleeding. It's usually scheduled a couple weeks out.
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