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Last night I noticed a clear jelly-like, odorless, mucous discharge when I went to urinate. I know there isn't any chance of pregnancy, but I was on the Depo-Provera for several years and quit taking that in the summer. I switched to birth control pills, but since I'm not in a relationship or even dating, I quit taking that about two months ago.
I have also been noticing some cramping the last few days, but I just had my period twice last month, the first time I've had a period in over three years and I've hadn't previously or currently had any cramping with it.
What could the cramping and discharge mean, since it isn't related to my menstrual cycle?
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Re: Cramping and mucous discharge post.
It sounds to me like the jelly like non oderous mucous you're describing is just part of ovulation symptoms. As a woman myself who was on birth control for years and years just like you, I didn't have that symptom. But, now that I am off the bc and trying to get pregnant, I've learned a lot more about that mucous and cramping. I actually use My Cycle by the same people who made this app. You may want to try that - its NOT just for people trying to conceive :) It's just a natural function, your body letting you know when you are most fertile. It usually happens a couple of weeks after your period, but in your case it may be a little wonky for awhile until your body establishes it's normal rhythm again after being on bc for so long. I know mine took while to settle into normalcy. The cramping (for me anyway) is the egg being released and can sometimes be very uncomfortable. I'm so tuned into it now, that I can tell which ovary (judging by the cramping and more intense discomfort in that exact spot) is releasing the egg.
I'm not a doctor, just wanted to share what my experience was when I first had this happen. I hope it helps!
:) Lori
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Thanks for your input. I'm in tuned as to which ovary is releasing as well lol. I only got the cramping for that short period and haven't had any of those symptoms since. I know my cycle very well and it stabilized a few months back, thankfully. Unfortunately, I haven't lost the weight I gained on birth control yet. That is all in due time.
Thank you again for your advice.
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