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I definitely have dismenrohoea because I have been suffering crazy pain since the age of eleven. I have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman for PMS and then the pain kicks in! Doctors have never be able to figure it out. They tried the pill,pain killers,special diet and nothing, I mean nothing helps. If I do not dose with extra strength Tylenol or Pamprin, the pain never goes away and even with the doses the pain is back in 30 mins. So for 2 1/2 hours for every dose, I'm in hellish pain; it's like I'm in labor except no baby! I dose about 6xs a day or more for about a week! Nothing I can legally take is strong enough to completely take the pain away and I do not want to damage my liver anymore I may already have by dosing every 3hrs! I also use a beanie buddy I heat in the microwave but until the dose kicks in it's pretty much useless!

I'm unable to commit to a full time job and function normally because of this GYN nightmare! Feels more like contractions and I've never had a child. My sister describes it the same way and she has 4 kids. So dismiss the whole " it will subside after you have kids bit!" Trust me it's not true. My mother had the same problem until menopause. I do not wish to keep sufferring this massive hurt until menopause! The pain has gotten worse through out the years and so has the AF, which by the way I nicknamed "RED DEMON", LOL! Appropriate don't you think? Since my cramps are from hell!

My threshold of pain has gotten higher and higher the older I get. It had to of, if not I would of been dead by now. Seriously! Does anyone know of a natural remedy? Over the counter candy isn't cutting it!
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I also get very severe cramps to the point where I'd just want to curl up in the fetal position and cry if I don't take something at the very first sign that the cramps will begin. Usually a week before I believe my period will start I will do extra exercise, like taking my dog for an extra long run or something else to get in some extra movement. Anything high in potassium is supposed to help with cramps as well, like bananas and yogurt. Hot baths tend to offer a little relief at times as well. Though I'm still looking for a better way to deal with it since it really isn't working all that well for myself, but right now this is what I'm doing to lessen the pain.
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Hi and thanks for the tips I'll try the yogurt but I can't have bananas they kill my stomach. Maybe I don't need potassium? The warm baths do help I tried when I can crawl to the bathroom LOL, it's hard to walk or do anything during the pain attacks but I suppose when they subside I can soak in the tub :)

I've been doing research for natural anti-inflammatories online because I'm allergic to aspirin and anything similar to aspirin like ibuprofen,naproxin, etc. I came across this:

Multivitamins & Minerals: Add nutrients in slightly higher amounts
B6: Produces " god prostaglandins", relaxes and widens blood vessels
B1: Period  pain
B12: Combo of fish & oil effective in relief of pain
E: 70% of women say it helps with pain of Dysmenorrhea
C & Bioflavonoids: Helpful with painful periods;helps relax & smooth muscle and reduce inflammation (Bilberry is the best Bioflavonoid)
Include berries of any kind (black berries,Black currants,raspberries & grapes) in your diet
Magnesium: Acts as a muscle relaxant helping painful periods ( take as supplement)
Zinc: Important mineral for eliminating period pains and it's needed for proper conversion of essential fatty acids.
Essential Fatty Acids(EFAs): Tasking EFAs in supplement form is extremely important in treatment of painful periods.
Bromelain: Enzyme in pineapples: contains a natural anti-inflammatory and helps as a natural blood thinner.

I've been introducing the fruits and vitamins but haven't purchased the extra minerals yet. Some multivitamins contain most of these I mentioned but for the rest you have to purchase separately. I'll know better after doing this special anti-inflammatory diet for several months. I'll keep you updated. Good luck I hope it works for you! I hope it woks for all of us suffering these horrible cramps!

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I apologize for the typos friends; my spell check doesn't always catch everything.
Line8: Good prostaglandins
Line27: works for all of us...........

Ty for your comments and patience
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I have heard about the vitamins and minerals helping, but have always taken a mutli vitamin and it doesn't do much for me. I'll try another one or another type to see if that helps. I would like to go on the pill as that is supposed to really help with not having cramps to begin with, but have been told to not go on it for medical reasons. It would cause other problems worse than the cramps. I'm still trying to keep them under conrtol the best way I can, but it's been a struggle. I like to try and take foods high in potassium a week before I would start my period and get cramps. The daily exercise routine that I have been on is helping a little, since I have changed up the type of exercises I do from time to time. I still wish there was an easier way to get rid of the cramps, but so far nothing has been all that helpful. it's all trial and error and I'm still trying.
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