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Can 18 yr. old girl get breast cancer ?

My girlfriend is 18 and she thinks she might have breast cancer, she is slightly on the heavy side and her grandmother had breast cancer a long time ago. Is it possible for her to have breast cancer ?
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It would be extremely rare for her to have cancer.  She needs to see her doctor and if need be get a mammogram if just to put her mind at ease.  It would take this along with a biopsy of any lump even for a doctor to know if she has breast cancer.  Many breast lumps are benign cysts, but you don't say if she even has a lump.  I think she's become extremely afraid of developing breast cancer and therapy would help her with this.  It's common for one to do this when they've lost a loved one to a certain disease.  Tell her to do whatever will put her mind at ease and remind her that instead of living her life...she's worrying it away.  This worry/fear could snowball on her and her anxiety get worse, so nipping this in the bud is imperative.  She's very lucky to have someone like you to care so much about her. I hope this helps and she can get some peace with her worrying.  Take care.
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Actually, ultrasound is generally much more useful than mammography for evaluating masses in 18 year old breasts. Although we domrarely see cancers in this age group the vast majority of palpable masses are either simple cysts that can be aspirated or fibroadenomas which are generally removed since they tend to grow over time but have a very low malignant potential. Clearly she can not be comfortable about this until evaluated by a physician.
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breast cancer can strike at any age, and women of every age should be aware of their personal risk factors for breast cancer.
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TODAY THEY FOUND A MASS IN MY RIGHT NIPPLE IS IT CANCER??????????????????????????????????????????????
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I ve a tiny strong thing in my breast. And is giving me little pains and now my breast is getting bigger now.please can this be a breast cancer
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