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Can I get pregnant this way?

We did this on the 19th of my cycle. I am fairly regular. Me and my boyfriend decided to not engage on any piv acts yet so we only did fingering, blowjobs and kissing. I am extremely paranoid even though we made sure to clean our hands before touching each other. He fingered me first, this does not worry me but what worries me is when he came on my chest, we immediately wiped it with tissues and sprayed it with alcohol. I am worried some may have dropped on my undies although I didn't feel or see any. We washed our hands after and ate our lunch, then he wanted to finger me again after 15 to 20 mins so pretty sure his fingers were dry by then and fingered me. Are there chances of pregnancy?
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No, no chances of pregnancy. His fingers would have been dry by then and sperm does not live in the air.

But, sweetheart, the portrait you are painting of the sex you are having is so sad, featuring (your word) paranoia, alcohol sprays, coitus substitutes (fingering and blowjobs) and you don't even say if you got to orgasm. ("Then he wanted to finger me again," -- don't you even have agency?) Why not either just get onto the Pill or an IUD so you can have nice, fun, relaxed sex, or dump this boyfriend? You can find one who cares more about you than his horndog needs. (Or, at least, you can find one who cares as much about your happiness as his needs.) Your concerns about STDs and pregnancy might not be "paranoid" as you label them, but they just make the sex you're getting sound forced and boring. If I had to spray myself with alcohol because my partner ejaculated on me, I'd be re-thinking the whole stupid notion of sex. You don't want to do that to yourself. Sex really can be fun, and safe, and rewarding. If you don't have that with this guy, find a guy with whom you feel that way.
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