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Can a doctor please tell me what exactly this means?

I had a vaginal culture done to rule out infections and stds. They said everything was negative but I'm confused about what the results say. They don't seem normal but I'm not sure. I'm more concerned about the "rare" things they found and that I have "many" epithelial cells. Please explain. Results below:

Component Your Value
Standard Range

GENITAL CULTURE    Few Gram Negative
                    Bacilli Isolated  

                       Vaginal Flora  

Gram Stain Result Many
                     Epithelial cells  

Gram Stain Result Rare White
                       Blood Cells  

Gram Stain Result No Clue Cells  

Gram Stain Result No Yeast  

Gram Stain Result Few Gram
                     positive bacilli  
Gram Stain Result Rare Gram positive cocci in pairs and chains  

Gram Stain Result Rare Gram
                    negative bacilli
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lots of big words, right?  LOL  Microbiologists speak their own language.  The important thing to note is that it is determined as all normal.  Our vagina is host to lots of organisms and even bacteria, usually the good kind.  Sometimes the bad kind like when we get bacterial vaginosis.  All sorts of cells, etc.  Do you have symptoms of anything at all?  Itching, smell or irritation?  If not, I would go with your doctor's summation that this is normal.  Otherwise, were you have your swab done due to suspected BV?
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