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Can a past abortion be tested ?

Hello, I am a 24 years average Indian guy & in immense love with a girl & wants to marry her...few days ago I met a guy who claims to be her ex husband...but my fiancé always said that the guy was just her casual friend who tried to be more than that but failed...but that guy told me some facts about her which only lover or husband can tell not a casual friend...he said that they were in physical relation & the girl even got pregnant...but my fiancé denied these things...I can forget whatever he told me about her but can't forget all those facts which are related to her sexual behaviours...if he was her past & something like this happened still am gonna marry her just because I have dreams of my life with that girl...but just for my mental peace & satisfaction I want to know that is there any test through which we can know a person was sexually involved in past or is there any test which can tell about any past abortion ?  
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Hi I happened to be passing by and saw your question.  I  agree with everyone above.  For all you know he wants her back and is trying to destroy your relationship.  Or he is so bitter and angry that she is happy with you he wants to destroy your relationship
Just don't you destroy it with your doubts.

I would not believe one thing the guy is saying.  He sounds like an A__
Don't you be one.
If you truly love this woman forget this guy, move forward and upward or is it onward and up :)

I wish you the best.
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Her past is over. Unless you know how to time travel then there's nothing to be done about the past because it's already done. Furthermore it's so disrespectful to continue interrogating your fiance like she is some kind of criminal. If any man treated me that way, I would not marry him and in fact I would tell him to go jump off a bridge.

Ex boyfriends and ex husbands are usually very bitter about having their ego bruised because of a breakup. It is very likely that her ex is still very bitter and is therefore lying about her and trying to destroy her life so she is as miserable as he is. You're so gullible that you're taking her bitter ex husbands word over hers. You're being manipulated by him and it's really sad because your fiance doesn't deserve to be treated this way.

If you're going to keep judging her and interrogating her over things that most likely didn't even happen then please do her a favor and let her find someone better. She needs a man who will defend her from anyone and everyone who seeks to shame her and who will have her back whenever people try to harm her. If you can't do that for her then you don't deserve her.
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Hi there.  This is one of those times in life that you have to rise above.  You choose to believe a stranger over your fiancé?  I'd not marry someone that I felt I would take a stranger's word over hers.  Let it go. Go with what she is telling you.  Especially since you will marry her and love her either way. CHOOSE to accept what she is saying and go with it. good luck
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Even if there were such a test, asking her to take such a test would be the same as saying, "I don't trust you."  That isn't going to do good things for your relationship.  Frankly, if a man asked me to take a test to see if I had been previously sexually active or had an abortion, I would end the relationship immediately.

It is often best just to let the past be the past, move on, and forget about whatever might have happened in the past.
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There is no test to find out if she had a past abortion.
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