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Can lupus carry a neg Ana but a high positive ds anti-Dna?

On a consistent basis I have a negative ANA and a positive hi DS – anti-DNA.  Last blood test revealed a high CRP, WBC (esophils n neurophils) low or deficient vitamin D, and high platelets @490. In contrast I was diagnosed w  undifferentiated connective tissue disease and another doctor that I had been seeing for about two years disagreeing saying that it definitely is systemic lupus.  Now that same doctor seems confused as to why my tests are coming out negative and they but a positive and very high double-stranded anti-DNA.  Can anyone please give me an Dios what that means. Also the platelets are a bit of a concern for me because it's the only time aside for one other time four years ago that I came out positive for a high platelets. I've had a positive PET with contradictory opinions but basically blown off as reactive to lupus. The pet showed lymphadenopathy and high fog uptake  not only in those lymph node but in other areas. Six months after I was given another pet scan and told that, although it is still the same problems, the lymph nodes are smaller and fish uptake has waited.  No biopsies were performed because they all agreed it was too close to blood vessel and could pose a risk. With better results on the second scan The doctors attributed everything to reactive to lupus, the Hopkins (lupus center) that said that the neg. ANA means it's UDCD ( undifferentiated connective tissue disorder) they seemed relieved and sent me on my way home without any concern.  I've also Karen a fever for about four months nothing hi it seems to fluctuate and be a low-grade fever that persists.Now it is about a year and five months later and my health has declined.  Along with the question about the double-stranded DNA with lupus I also would like to know if  I should ask for another pet scan since it has been over a year and a half now. What's concerning to me is this is Hopkins.  I want to believe in them but with all the different specialties it seems as they keep sending me two different doctors they will do one test and send me to a different doctor without trying to figure out the actual cause of my difficulty. I have  consistent pain and what started in the upper quadrant on the right side is now my whole right side.  No last blood tests I can say is shown a lot of inflammation or showed a lot of abnormal results that can be attributed to inflammation. Thank you!
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