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Can post-pill amenorrhea be similar to early pregnancy symptoms?

I am 29 and have been on bcp for about 10 years with only short breaks.  I stopped taking bcp on Nov. 28 after completing a pack.  I had a normal withdrawal period the next week, beginning Dec. 1 or 2.  On Dec. 31 I had light pink discharge when I wiped and then some brown discharge in a tampon, but nothing after that.  Cramping also started on the 31st and has continued for a week with no further flow.  I feel tired and sensitive to smells but am cautious that those symptoms could be in my head.  I have very minor tenderness in only one of my breasts.  I have had regular unprotected intercourse, but I do not know if I've ovulated.  Hpt's have been negative.  As a teenager before starting bcp my period was not exactly like clockwork, but I never missed a month.  Actually my cycles were consistently shorter than 28 days.  Several years ago I was off bcp for about 4 months and only had suspiciously light periods but I was not sexually active so pregnancy was not a concern, and an ultrasound ruled out ovarian cysts or other health concerns.  However, I did not know at the time to inquire about whether I was ovulating.  I have not read anything about implantation-like bleeding or cramping associated with post-pill amenorrhea.  If someone can tell me otherwise, then I will be more trusting of the hpt's and move on.  If not, then I will keep obsessing over taking hpt's thinking that my levels are just too low to detect.  
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