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Can someone get pregnant 15 year after tubal ligation and missing an ovary?

I'm 45, had a tubal ligation 15+ years ago.  My partner is a bit younger than me and we are very sexuality active.  Recently (since June) my period stopped, I am nauseous almost all the time, fatigue, headaches, a full or tight feeling in my abdomen, spotting after intercourse, to name a few symptoms.. I know I should go in but an actually afraid to have results.  Has anyone else had this, pregnancy, menopause, or sobering else?
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If your ligation has worked for all these years, and at age 45, you're less likely to be pregnant. But there is no point in asking anyone else if it has happened to them, what matters is what has happened to you. Is it pregnancy or perimenopause or  something else? You won't get an answer from other people's stories of what happened to them.  Easiest thing is to take a test. Then if it is negative, see your doctor to find out why your period is AWOL.
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